How to Create a WordPress Sticky Menu With the Help of One Powerful Plugin

Sticky menu

If you have ever created or designed a website, then you know just how much thinking and planning goes into the process. You want to make sure your site is visually appealing, you want to make it interesting and easy to navigate, but it also has to be responsive and fast to load. There are many little things and segments you need to think about when creating a site. One such element is the decision on whether to make any of your site’s elements sticky. Read more

WP 301 Redirects Review: Redirect Automatically and Gain Acess to Powerful Analytics

WP Redirects review

We live in a very fast-paced world, and if you ever had a website or have been running one for some time now, you probably know how time-consuming fixing any errors can be. You are also probably aware of the importance of constantly updating and adding new content to your blog or site and making sure you have a user-optimized site. Read more

Best WordPress Plugins for an Education Blog That’ll Bring It to Its A-Game

Education plugins

There are thousands of blogs out there fighting to get the attention of interested users. Especially as the education industry has been on the rise and various advancements and online tools appearing, many entrepreneurs, and schools alike, have decided to offer their educational services online. If you have decided to enter this industry, you should know the industry is quite big. Read more

14 WordPress Plugins You Must Have on Your Website to Make Sure It’s Always at Its A-Game

Must Have Plugins

Having a website is pretty much a must-have these days, especially for businesses. In light of the recent pandemic, everything has shifted online, even more than before. However, for many business owners, especially those with not much experience in the workings of the online world, starting a website can seem like a daunting task. Read more

Best Gleam Alternatives to Help You Promote Your Business and Increase Engagement

Gleam alternatives

There are numerous apps and tools that have been designed to help you grow your business, attract more traffic to your website, and increase conversions and sales. Competition is high, and everyone is competing for the attention of potential customers. Businesses have realized the benefits of using pop-ups in their marketing tactics. Some offer discounts, promotions, free guides, or anything that might get the potential customer to come back. Read more