Best Gleam Alternatives to Help You Promote Your Business and Increase Engagement

There are numerous apps and tools that have been designed to help you grow your business, attract more traffic to your website, and increase conversions and sales. Competition is high, and everyone is competing for the attention of potential customers. Businesses have realized the benefits of using pop-ups in their marketing tactics. Some offer discounts, promotions, free guides, or anything that might get the potential customer to come back.

Gleam is one such app that lets you create competitions, coupons, contests and even offer e-books to your visitors. Overall, it is a tool that helps you capture your audience anywhere in the world. However, while it is a popular tool, it is also quite pricy. Numerous alternatives have been developed, and we want you to see all the possibilities of using similar apps.

That is why we will list the best Gleam alternatives you can use to get more leads.

1. Contest Domination

Contest Domination homepage

Contest Domination is a tool that lets you create and launch viral contests to build your email lists and generate leads. Offering such contests has increased in popularity, and even the prizes of such contests have evolved lately and are very effective for growing your lists of prospects in any industry. You can add several integrations and use analytics tools for better user tracking and behavior reports.

The tool is quite easy to use, and you get a step-by-step wizard that will show you how to collect leads, incentivize contests so your users will share them, and you can track referrals. You will also have a range of tools to boost conversions, offer mobile-responsive templates, and have the ability to reward your contestants.

Contest Domination features

The app is careful about fraud and has an advanced fraud protection system that reduces fraud attempts and automatically bans those caught stealing. Also, your contestants can share their prizes and contests on social media. Selecting a winner is really easy, and after that, you will get a list of people who have signed up as they were interested in your products. That way, you will not lose time and money on unqualified leads.

There are three payment plans starting at $49 of a one-time purchase, and you get all the features included in them.

2. Poptin

Poptin homepage

Poptin is a tool created to build pop-ups, embedded forms, and automatic emails. It comes with a drag and drop builder, so you can easily create your pop-up windows. You can choose the colors, text, fields, design, sizes, and buttons. You can send a range of emails, create different forms (email, contact, call to action), and integrate with over 1,500 integrations (Zapier, MailChimp, HubSpot, Drip, and more).

This is a great tool if you want to increase your visitors’ engagement, get feedback, get more email subscribers, capture more leads, and reduce shopping cart abandonment. You can also use A/B testing to compare the effectiveness of your campaigns and pop-ups and use the ones with the best results.

There is a free version for 1 domain and up to 1,000 visitors per month. Pricing starts at $19 per month for up to 10,000 monthly visitors, and you can upgrade to $49 per month for 4 domains or $99 per month for unlimited domains and 150,000 visitors.

3. Hello Bar

Hello Bar homepage

Hello Bar is a great tool to attract visitors and increase the effectiveness of your website. It offers you a range of pop-ups, such as modals, sliders, alert bells, and page takeovers. It is designed to let you create messages for your visitors. You can access everything on your dashboard, use A/B testing to test the effectiveness of your campaigns, customize your content, and write engaging headlines.

There is also a feature to promote your content on social media.

It is a premium tool that you can get at $29 per month, and you get unlimited pop-ups and subscribers, advanced design ad targeting features, A/B testing, and a range of integrations. There is a free trial option if you wish to give it a shot before deciding on buying a monthly subscription.

4. Sleeknote

Sleeknote homepage

Sleeknote is another tool that lets you create pop-ups and get more qualified leads and sales. You can create email captures, reduce card abandonment, and create personalized pop-ups for different visitor groups. Since your visitors differ, you can target each based on their behavior and how they behave on your website.

All of these options are easy to create, and you don’t need to be an experienced designer or developer. You can easily create them with a drag and drop builder. There are also numerous integrations to make your work easier, such as Drip, GoDaddy, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, and more.

You can also create pop-ups that will greet first-time visitors and turn your email lists into buying customers as you can offer them unique deals, sales, and promotions.

Sleeknote features

These pop-ups can also be created to capture and qualify potential buyers. You can schedule your campaigns, they are designed to be mobile-optimized, and you decide where your campaigns will appear with advanced page-level targeting to increase engagement. You can also choose triggers when to show your message (these can be timed triggers, scroll behavior, exit-intent, or JS trigger).

There are several payment plans that you can choose from. You can get this tool for $49 per month for 50,000 visitors, all features included. If you have up to 125,000 visitors, you can get this for $95 per month, and the price goes up to $549 per month for 750,000 monthly visitors.


We hope this short review has helped you see there are some good Gleam alternatives that you can use to boost your traffic and conversion rates. Analyze each one before you decide which will be best for your business and your business goals.

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