Best WordPress Plugins for an Education Blog That’ll Bring It to Its A-Game

There are thousands of blogs out there fighting to get the attention of interested users. Especially as the education industry has been on the rise and various advancements and online tools appearing, many entrepreneurs, and schools alike, have decided to offer their educational services online. If you have decided to enter this industry, you should know the industry is quite big.

As such, you have to pay a lot of attention to providing value to your users in terms of rich information and opportunities to learn. You need to pay attention to new trends and ideas, be creative and stand out. While creating content and running a blog can take away a lot of time, so does running a website.

In order to save you some time, here are some of the best plugins we think you should have on your WordPress education blog. These will save you time and a lot of trouble, so you can focus your energy on creating relevant and creative content.

1. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode homepage

The Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin helps you build pages that will notify your visitors your blog is undergoing changes and will soon be updated. You can pick from a library of relevant, high-quality images and from over 170 professional and fully customizable themes to create this page.

The plugin can also collect your visitors’ emails so you can integrate their data with other CRM or marketing software and let them know when your site is up and running again. The page can look completely like your own as you can change the plugin name, logo, colors, and text to fit your brand, and your visitors will see the brand consistency.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode already has templates designed for student and educational blogs, which you can check out here and here. So here are a couple of previews to show you what we’re talking about.

Scholar Universtiy preview
Theme name: Scholar University
Online Learning preview
Theme name: Online Learning

2. LMS Plugin by WP Attest

WP Attest banner

LMS Plugin is a WP learning management system plugin. It has been designed for e-education and online learning. You can easily create and manage online courses through your WP dashboard. It comes with Elementor extensions, so you can design the look of your courses with Elementor widgets and integrate them with the LMS Plugin.

All of this is quite easy to do (you don’t even need to have any coding knowledge).

Also, you can easily customize the colors, icons, fonts, text, and layout of various elements of your courses (however, this comes with the pro version). Another cool feature is the WooCommerce integration option, so you can start getting paid for your courses. You can create as many courses and add as many lessons as you want (need).

You can build your curriculum easily with a drag and drop editor, not to mention you can add Vimeo or YouTube files, as well as embed any type of file you want to use. As with most other online course builders, you can set up requirements, list benefits, add topics and FAQs, as well as language and announcements.

3. WP Reset

WP Reset homepage

WP Reset is an incredibly useful plugin as it can save you a lot of time (and stress). With this, you can test and recover your site’s settings easily. For example, if your site has recently been updated and now some features (or all of them) don’t work, you can easily go back to previous settings with one click, assuming you do regular backups and snapshots of your site (highly recommended).

Also, if you have a list of plugins you wish to add, for example, the ones we mention here, you can create a collection and install all of them with one click (a huge time saver). Moreover, to save some space, you can delete all of the demos installs or even do a nuclear reset if you want all of your files, databases, entries, and tables are gone.

Lastly, as we mentioned before, you should do regular snapshots of your site, mostly for security purposes. As such, you can set up automatic snapshots, so you always have a safety point to which you can return to if something goes wrong with your site. These can be stored on the cloud, such as DropBox, Google Drive, or iCloud.

4. Simple Autor Box

Simple Author Box homepage

Simple Autor Box is a plugin for creating author boxes for your blog posts. These will help you give credit when needed as you can list the author’s name, gravatar, description, and add their social media links. You can add multiple authors, guest authors and edit the look of the boxes with the Gutenberg block editor.

Using guest authors is a great way to save some time from creating content (as you have assigned this to someone else) so you can focus on optimizing your website or on creating online courses and topics you wish to cover.

You can individually select specific post types where you want your author boxes to show up and design and customize the colors, text, and fonts of each box so they look like a part of your blog. Some of these features come only with the Pro version (such as color scheme, appearance control, and additional widgets).

5. BackupGuard

BackupGuard website

BackupGuard is a WP plugin that can back up, restore, and migrate your site, files, and databases. You can back up your site and restore it to the point of your choice. After installing and activating the plugin, you can perform all of these actions from the main screen. You also can decide if you want a full, partial, or custom backup process for your site.

With an emphasis on safety and storage, the plugin lets you store your backups offsite with its cloud function. You can use Dropbox or Google Drive.

Also, since you will probably have many things to do, you can set up a schedule of backups, and the plugin will automatically perform backups, so you know your site is protected in case of trouble. Lastly, the plugin comes with strong security and a powerful firewall, so it will guard your blog against bad bots, spam, and other malware.

6. If-So Dynamic Content

If-So Dynamic Content homepage

If-So Dynamic Content is a plugin that lets you personalize your site’s content according to your users based on different parameters and triggers. These parameters can include search terms, location, language, device, and many more. As you might know, every user is different, and by creating content designed specifically for them, you are more likely to present them with relevant content that will interest them.

For example, if someone has searched for marketing courses, you can avoid showing them a generic course page and present them with a list of all marketing courses you offer.

You can create as many versions of dynamic content as you can think of with an easy page builder. You don’t need to know how to deal with code at all. You can create different types of call-to-action buttons, segment your users into groups, and show them content based on common characteristics.

If you add Google Ads condition, you can also personalize landing pages to serve them based on their search term. Lastly, the plugin has its own built-in statistics, and you can even integrate with Google Analytics to track and monitor how your content is performing.

7. MasterStudy

MasterStudy LMS banner

MasterStudy is another WP learning management system. It is a comprehensive software for educational websites. It comes with many features like managing your courses, creating quizzes, and various educational content. Moreover, this plugin will handle your subscriptions.

It will grade quizzes and accept payments. It is great for anyone who wants to easily build, customize, and manage online courses without too much hassle. MaterStudy also supports several languages, including English, French, Turkish, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

8. WP sticky

WP Sticky homepage

WP Sticky is a plugin that makes any element on your website sticky. This includes sticky headers, menus, navigations, and widgets. This plugin is fast, and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge to use it. You can just pick an element (you can pick as many as you want) you wish to make sticky and click on make sticky.

It is really simple. Plus, it’s compatible with all themes and plugins and is quite user-friendly to use. Also, you get access to a great support team.

9. TeachableU

TeachableU homepage

TeachableU is an online program that teaches you how to create online courses in no more than 4 easy steps. You can choose your topic, create a curriculum, and market your course to attract interested students. You can think of this as a comprehensive, step-by-step program that helps you create educational courses on any topic.

Moreover, the topic you choose will be validated, and the four training courses will walk you through different steps of creating courses that will attract the right students. You will learn how to find the right in-demand topic, how to create high-quality content, how to target and market your course.

10. GoConqr

GoConqr homepage

GoConqr is an online learning platform designed for students. It helps you study and prepare for exams. It comes with a range of tools you can use for free. You can also create mind maps, notes, flashcards, and slides if that will help you prepare better. You can download it to study on-the-go and discover study material on any topic that can be useful to you.

11. Grammarly

Grammarly homepage

Grammarly is a writing assistant tool. It is AI-powered, and it analyses your writing, spelling, and grammar. It is beneficial if you are writing a lot as it makes sure your content is error-free. This makes it a great asset for students and content writers alike. It works anywhere, from Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Medium, and more.


We hope this article showed you some useful e-learning plugins, and you’ll add some of them to your blog in the near future.

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