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Welcome to UnitConversion.io. This website was made to be the best unit conversion website on the internet. The way that I hope to achieve this is to make the pages extremely fast and responsive. As you will see below, there are many unit types and an extensive unit list to choose from, which differentiates UnitConversion.io from other similar sites. Our aim is to be a destination for students, professionals, and everyone in between for converting units quickly and in a well presented format. I hope you enjoy the site, and contact me if you have any feedback!


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Unit Conversion




Unit Types


Convert units of length. Examples of such units are centimeters and meters.

Length Conversion


Convert units of area. Examples of such units are inches squared and square miles.

Area Conversion


Convert units of mass. Examples of such units are grams and megatonne.

Mass Conversion


Convert units of volume. Examples of such units are millimeters cubed and inches cubed.

Volume Conversion


Convert units of temperature. Examples of such units are celsius and rankine.

Temperature Conversion


Convert units of time. Examples of such units are nanoseconds and hours.

Time Conversion


Convert units of speed. Examples of such units are miles per hour and feet per second.

Speed Conversion


Convert units of pressure. Examples of such units are kilopascals and bars.

Pressure Conversion


Convert units of digital. Examples of such units are kilobits and megabytes.

Digital Conversion

Parts Per

Convert units of parts per. Examples of such units are parts-per-trillion and parts-per-quadrillion.

Parts Per Conversion


Convert units of voltage. Examples of such units are volts and millivolts.

Voltage Conversion


Convert units of current. Examples of such units are milliamps and kiloamps.

Current Conversion


Convert units of power. Examples of such units are watts and kilowatts.

Power Conversion


Convert units of energy. Examples of such units are kilowatt hours and joules.

Energy Conversion

Volume Flow Rate

Convert units of volume flow rate. Examples of such units are inches cubed per hour and gallons per minute.

Volume Flow Rate Conversion


Convert units of frequency. Examples of such units are gigahertz and radian per second.

Frequency Conversion


Convert units of pace. Examples of such units are minutes per kilometer and seconds per foot.

Pace Conversion


Convert units of illuminance. Examples of such units are lux and foot-candles.

Illuminance Conversion

Reactive Power

Convert units of reactive power. Examples of such units are volt-ampere reactive and gvar.

Reactive Power Conversion


Convert units of angle. Examples of such units are radians and arcsecond.

Angle Conversion