How to Create Mobile Apps from Your WordPress Site to Improve User Experience and Grow Your Business

We do everything on our phones, don’t we? We stay informed about the world, talk to our loved ones and entertain ourselves. Going off of that, it makes sense that we visit websites on our phones. However, sometimes websites don’t work as well on mobile devices as they do on the computer. That’s a problem when you have a WordPress website and a lot of mobile users. Because of that, you should look into converting your site into a mobile app. Read more

How to Add Google Maps to WordPress: Both Manually and With the Help of a Powerful Plugin

There are many advantages to using WordPress, not only is this platform is easy to use, it is also very customizable and you can make your site as unique as possible. You achieve this by using and adding different plugins and tools, and thanks to them your site will look professional and elegant. Nowadays, navigation has become very important for many businesses and almost everyone needs to have it on their respective sites. This is yet another important step that will get you closer to your users and clients, assuring them that your business and services are real. Read more

How is Instagram Marketing Helpful for Targeting Customers?

Insta marketing

A vital part of creating a fool-proof and successful Instagram marketing strategy is having an in-depth knowledge of your target audience on the platform. If you do not know what motivates and intrigues your followers, you may have a hard time producing content, engaging your audience. More so, if you do not know when they are active the most, you may not see the kind of engagement you expect. Read more

How to Create a WordPress Sticky Menu With the Help of One Powerful Plugin

Sticky menu

If you have ever created or designed a website, then you know just how much thinking and planning goes into the process. You want to make sure your site is visually appealing, you want to make it interesting and easy to navigate, but it also has to be responsive and fast to load. There are many little things and segments you need to think about when creating a site. One such element is the decision on whether to make any of your site’s elements sticky. Read more

Best Cold Email Software to Close Sales and Further Your Business

Cold email software

In today’s article, we will be talking about cold emails, shortly explaining what they are and also presenting you with a few of the best options on the market. Many people tend to confuse cold emails with spam, and that is something completely different. Cold emails are sent to specifically one person, unlike spam. The adjective cold represents a lack of emotion compared to warm emailing and represents the communication between two sides that have never communicated before. Read more

How to Redirect Posts and Pages in WordPress: A Quick Run-Down of the Basics and the Best Plugins for the Job

Redirect Posts

If you are interested in employing redirects on your WordPress website, you have come to the right place, as this article will give you a brief overview of what redirects are and when to use them. And after you get an idea of what they are, we will provide you with a list of tools that will help implement redirects on your website. So without further ado, here we go. Read more

Best Instagram Growth Services and Platforms That Help You Gain Followers Faster Without Bots

Instagram growth

Summer moments. Your perfect jump into the sea. Enjoying the beauties of your hometown. Autumn comes, with it the leaves of all shades of orange and yellow. In the cafe that you accidentally
discovered, they make great coffee and latte art. We cannot wait to share some events and experiences with our friends on social media, and Instagram is one of the best networks for that. Read more

Top Online Tools for Better Focus & Attention That Help You Stay Productive and Waste Less Time

Tools for Better Attention

The Internet has become an inevitable part of everyone´s lives. Many of us cannot even imagine our everyday lives without peeking at our feed. But even though it provides us with unlimited information, it can also be a big distraction. Especially for us younger generations, the internet and social media alone can take up most of our day if we are not careful enough. Things can get rough. And let us be honest, you would rather spend your time looking at Instagram, scrolling through TikTok and other similar apps, than studying. Read more