Digital Banking Cyber Security Issues

Digital Banking Cyber Security Issues

People would go to a physical bank to take care of their banking needs in the past. However, in today’s digital age, more and more people are turning to online banking. This is more convenient for customers, but it also allows banks to offer more services. However, with this move to digital banking comes an increased risk of cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals can steal personal information, such as account numbers and passwords, or they can empty an account. Read more

Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies In The US 2022

Blockchain technology is a distributed and decentralized database that enables secure, transparent, and tamper-proof transactions. It has the potential to revolutionize many industries, and businesses are starting to take notice. This article will list the top 10 blockchain development companies in the US. These organizations are at the forefront of this exciting technology and have the experience and expertise to help your business succeed. Read more

5 ‘No Code’ Martech Tools to Optimize Your Marketing

No Code Marktech Tools

Technology is making great strides every second. Sometimes we may not even be aware of the abnormal speed at which technology is evolving. The development process is constantly active. So, day by day, we can get acquainted with the new waves of technology. This is how the concept called NO CODE came about, which has over time become very popular. Read more

Top Platforms for Selling Digital Downloads

Top Platforms for Selling Digital Downloads

Selling things online is becoming more popular every day. Online stores are slowly replacing physical stores and making business more challenging and interesting. Back in the day, all products were physical and tangible. This online revolution showed opportunities for digital creators to sell their products online. Digital products include software, data bundles, e-books and audiobooks, digital artwork, tickets, and online courses. Read more

How To Track Affiliate Links

Whether you’re selling products in retail stores or online you’ve probably heard, at least in passing, the term “affiliate marketing”. Now there are, and have been through the years, many types of marketing, and affiliate marketing isn’t something never seen before, but it’s done in a new way that wasn’t available before, mainly because of the social media explosion over the last decade. Read this article and find out more about affiliate link tracking. Read more

Best Marketing Techniques for 2022

Marketing Techniques

Oftentimes new business owners disregard marketing and view it as a mere side project. However, this is a huge mistake as marketing promotes your business, keeps your brand relevant, and directly affects your profits. In 2022 digital marketing has become a business staple, so utilizing good marketing techniques is key to success. These techniques range from small tweaks to full-on recalibration of your marketing strategy. Read more