How to Keep Your WordPress Database Clean & Performing Well

How to Keep Your WordPress Database Clean and Performing Well

Let us start by saying that your WordPress database is like your closet where you keep all of your stuff and clothes in one place. Except that in this case, all your comments, posts, pages, settings for plugins, and themes are the clothes, and the database is the closet. Of course, if you’ve been running a site for a long time, there is a big chance that the database is full of stuff you don’t need. Even if you put in effort into describing different file formats. But, just as your closet is probably full of those shirts from high school, you are too connected to throw them away. Read more

15 Best Free Calculator Apps for iOS: Fast, Simple, and Convenient

iOS Calculator

We use apps nowadays for almost anything. Tracking our movements through the day, reminding us to drink water, and to see how much protein we’ve consumed (if you are a fitness freak). There is literally an app for anything. Of course, we all sometimes need help with mathematics. Opening a calculator app to see if 2+2 is 4., just to be sure. Read more