Top Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

If you want to optimize your site for extra visibility or just check your competition out, we have the solution. Why would you install a third-party application for SEO when you can just have an easy-to-access Chrome extension and have everything in one place? The following tools are installed with the click of a button or two and help you save a lot of time and nerves instead of making you do all of the detective work.

1. Mangools

Mangools homepage

The first up on the list is Mangools. Its SEO difficulty is precise, and the search volumes are inch-perfect. With its help, the Search Engine Results Page can be seen for any location you desire, and you can really probe the search results, CTRs, and more than 45 SEO metrics. All of this can be applied to more than 50,000 locations. Tracking your placement is almost instant, not to mention you can arrange interactive reports and share them with your colleagues.

The tool also keeps you notified of important things, so you won’t miss anything. Furthermore, you can find the best backlinks using efficient filters and compare your site to your competitors with the aid of profile insights and popularity metrics. The user interface is clean and simple, but if you have any problems, you can contact the Mangools support team that knows every nook and cranny of SEO. It’s reliable, extremely easy to use, and it won’t break the bank.

2. MozBar

MozBar homepage

With MozBar, you get metrics on the spot while you are checking out pages or the SERPs, and you can compare them across all pages as well. Custom searches can be made, exploring by either engine, region, country, or city. A nifty feature is an On-Page Highlighter, which can be used to find and underline keywords on a site. It also sorts links by their type. A simple Page Overlay helps you see the site’s HTTP status, the general attributes, markup, page elements, and link metrics. You can estimate ranking probability in the blink of an eye.

Not to mention that you can also export your data to a CSV format. All of this is available in the free version of the extension, while the premium version adds a more thorough survey of a page and the SERP data and an unlimited number of Link Explorer reports. Furthermore, MozBar Pro offers prompt page optimization, more metrics; a peek at the Keyword Difficulty score in real-time for any search term on any SERP, and more. However, if you aren’t sure if this is the right extension for you, there’s a 30-day free trial available.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs is an extension that gets you a comprehensive insight into a website by crawling the pages and presenting you with a visualized SEO health score. It also makes notes of any potential SEO errors, along with advice on how to mend them. The site-crawling is quick, efficient, as well as highly customizable- you can adjust the speed settings or skip crawling peripheral segments altogether by setting certain parameters to skip or perhaps include specific parts of the website.

The tool allows you to inspect your site for more than one hundred SEO issues and automatically categorizes those issues by type. If that wasn’t enough, it provides you with printable, visual reports in the shape of colored charts. Crawling a mobile version of your site is possible, as well.

4. Serpstat

Serpstat homepage

Serpstat can be used to track down your competitors in SEO and PPC, as well as inspect their pages, the keywords they use, and the volume of their traffic. You also get an estimated budget of the website, the ranking, and the ads that could fetch you some sales. With Serpstat, you also gain insight into trending landing pages and product groups that they promote.

Furthermore, the tool has a powerful feature that analyzes and tracks backlinks, so you can mind their quality and ensure that they aren’t malicious. Various technical issues such as the poor optimization of your site and its lack of visibility can easily be fixed using the Site Audit Tool that delivers helpful directions on how to deal with the issues.

5. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere homepage

Keywords Everywhere is a tool that focuses on finding the best and most relevant keywords, operating with the help of Google Trends to evaluate monthly search volumes dating all the way back to 2004. It allows you to check out the top 5,000 keywords any site ranks for in the top 20 Google search results and its approximate traffic volume.

You can download the data in either PDF, CSV, or Excel formats. There’s no more need for jumping from a keyword tool to Google Keyword Planner, as this extension gives you the best of both worlds. Keywords Everywhere save you a lot of time and provide a simple interface.


You won’t regret getting a Chrome extension for SEO, as it doesn’t even have to be installed, a lot of them are free, and those that offer the premium package are affordable and get you numerous features that will surely aid you in your quest for the ultimate optimization of your website.

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