5 Causes of Data Loss

The problem of data loss remains a serious nightmare to businesses and individuals all over the world. Have you ever imagined losing all the data on your device? A problem like this has made businesses experience huge losses. It is even worst when there are no plans in place to cushion the effects.

According to statistics, 60% of businesses that experience data loss usually go extinct within a period of 6 months.

Here is the bigger issue

Most business owners don’t even understand what can bring about data loss. Due to this problem, they keep on experiencing such challenges over and over again. In case you happen to be amongst such individuals, be sure to read the details of this post from beginning to end. It will be revealing some of the top causes of data loss.

1. Human error

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As humans, we are not perfect, meaning mistakes are bound to happen at any time. These can lead to the accidental deletion of files. There have been instances when important files were overwritten by employees. Sometimes, these errors can even bring about the formatting of the hard drive due to system malfunction. Errors like these can prove to be very costly in many ways.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that such a problem is avoided is organizing adequate training sessions for your employees. They should understand the most effective ways of processing and storing data.

2. Hardware failure

This is when your hardware begins to malfunction. Your hard drive can crash due to overheating, poor handling, and exposure to dust. There are always some signs you have to watch out for to avoid your data from being lost. One of the most obvious signs that your system is about to experience hardware failure is when it begins to freeze repeatedly.

Another sign is when such a system shuts down randomly. Finally, if you start noticing those blurry screens, just know that hardware failure is around the corner. When any of these signs are experienced, it is recommended your files are backed up immediately.

3. Software corruption

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Do you know that your files or data can be lost due to corrupt software? This is one problem that most people have always ignored in the past. One of the causes of this is the improper shut down of the system. When an application becomes corrupt, it can’t be used again. This can also happen when diagnostic programs begin to interfere with how software processes are running.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this problem is to ensure that your device’s shutdown processes are being followed. This will ensure that your software is functioning as expected, thereby avoiding any problem related to data loss.

4. Virus and malware

Amongst the causes that have been listed here, viruses and malware seem to be the most serious and devastating. Do you know that a virus attack is capable of corrupting all your system files? These could be documents, photos, music, and many others. It is the reason why businesses usually prevent their employees from exploring less secure websites.

This helps their systems to be protected from such attacks.

Another way is installing premium anti-virus software to ensure that files are detected before being downloaded. Some companies even have data recovery software to get back files that have been lost due to virus and malware attacks.

5. Liquid Damage

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This happens when you damage your system through an act of carelessness, thereby bringing about loss of data. It could be in the form of spilling water on your laptop, which can, in turn, cause a short circuit. There are times when your system will work fine even after coming in contact with water. This doesn’t mean your data is secured, though.

In order to avoid this problem, the liquid should be kept away from your system. Also, policies should be adopted in companies to prevent employees from bringing such items into areas where there are systems.

Here is a reliable solution

The problem of data loss has been experienced by almost every business and individual using systems. Instead of thinking about how it can be avoided, it will be wise to consider how it can be handled effectively to ensure your lost data is recovered. This is where you need to try out data recovery programs.

They have been designed to help you recover data that has been lost under any of the above scenarios. You can try the data recovery software. This helps you to find out how such applications have been designed to work.