Best WordPress Unit Conversion Plugins That Are Perfect for Sites With an International Audience

Generally speaking, unit conversion can be described as a process of converting standard units from one form into another. Depending on the type of your site, you could be in need of unit conversion plugins with different functions, or only the basic ones.

You want to have a functional site, without a doubt, and for that, you might need to convert some units. Out of thousands of plugins available online, it is not easy to choose the right one. Plus, you don’t want to make things even more difficult for yourself by messing something up in the process.

There are many unit conversion plugins that you can find for WordPress. They can help you in many different ways. In this article, we’ll show you only the best ones, as well as acquaint you with their respective features. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll have no trouble at all.

1. Unit Converter Pro

Unit Converter Pro homepage

Unit Converter Pro is truly one amazing widget that can help a lot. This plugin can be added anywhere on your site, securing that you have a converter with full features ready to use in various configurations. You can have all measurements available or let users decide, depending on what they need it for. You can also specify the settings of the measurements you’ll offer up for conversion.

What is more important than mere settings is that their converters are incredibly fast, and they don’t have underlying API or service calls. To make things a bit clearer, everything on this plugin happens in the same window with no page reload or extra loading in the backend.

This plugin lets you convert practically any unit in existence, ranging from length all the way to force and acceleration. This simple and yet effective tool can help you without a doubt and enrich your site, making more professional.

2. WP Unit Converter

WP Unit Converter homepage

Like Unit Converter Pro, this tool will provide you with so many different options, allowing you to convert different metrics into numerous different measurement units. You can convert Length/Distance, Temperature, Time, Weight, Area, and Speed.

Among other commodities secured by this plugin, you are provided with automatic installation. This means that you have the easiest option available to you on WP since WP handles the file transfers. That way, you don’t need to leave your browser at all.

To start the automatic install of this plugin, all you have to do is to log in to your WP dashboard, then navigate the Plugins menu and click Add New. In the search field, type the name of this plugin and then click Search Plugins. After that, this plugin will pop up. Click on “Install Now,” and WP Unit Converter will be yours.

You can also do this manually by downloading and unzipping the plugin setup. Then, upload the entire directory to the wp-content/plugins/directory. After this, all you have to do is to activate the WP Unit Converter in WP, and the plugin is yours. This tool can be used in either Post/Pages or the Widget area.

3. w2pe Measurement Widget

w2pe Measurement Widget homepage

This is yet another great and easy to use a plugin that can be your perfect measurement converter. What makes the w2pe Measure Widget different from those mentioned before is that you can use this tool both on the page or as a widget.

Also, you can add custom units in the admin area, as well as edit or delete them. There are different measurements that you can use: area (foot, inch, meter, mile, kilometer), currency (Bangladesh TK, British pound, Euro, Indian rupee, Japanese Yen, US Dollar), length (kilometer, meter, mile, yard), mass (gram, kilogram, pound, a ton), temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin).

As we mentioned before, you can use this plugin both on-page and as a widget. To use it in the widget, use “w2pe Measurement Widget”, and when you want to use it in a page or post, use (w2pe_measurement).

4. Unit Converter

Unit Converter homepage

This is a professional and well-designed plugin that will detect measurement units and then simply add the metric or non-metric equivalent. After the process is finished, this converted measurement can be added in several ways, either as a mouse-over or in brackets after the original measurement.

Unit Converter is handy if you require lots of measurements or write and work for a broad, more international audience. Currently supported conversions on this plugin include Celsius to Fahrenheit, centimeters to inches, kilograms to pounds, kilometers to miles, kilojoules(food) to calories, liters to gallons, meters to feet, milliliters to fluid ounces.

You can also use an options page to configure different aspects of this plugin.

5. Metric Converter

Metric Converter homepage

This tool can be described as a time saver for everyone who deals with online shopping and shipment or whose work is oriented to international clients on every part of the planet. This plugin can be used to convert length, weight, and volume units from the imperial measurement system to the international measurement system and vice versa.

Metric Converter will calculate the parameters, and it will show you the result of conversion with all intervals, dashes, and all other measurement units. Thanks to this plugin, you will convert all units in just a few clicks and get perfectly optimized product information. Among all other features, it is important to mention using hotkeys to convert units.

With this tool, there is no need for a manual calculation. That’s a true time-saver that also provides you with beautifully edited product information. This tool is perfect for AliExpress dropshipping stores, and it is compatible with WooCommerce.

6. Another Unit Converter

Another Unit Converter homepage

Just like this plugin’s name says, Another Unit Converter can help you offer your visitors friendly and “on the fly” currency conversion on posts and pages. As you can see, this plugin is based on currency conversion solely.

It supports more than 160 different world currencies, giving your visitors the chance to read your posts and pages with amounts displayed in their local or preferred currency. This option helps you increase familiarity and improves their understanding of your entire content. You can convert in different ways using this plugin without any widgets and page reload. What this tool does is that it automatically looks for currency amounts within the content of your posts, so there is no need to use some special formats or any shortcodes.

Your only task is to write your text mentioning any currencies you like, and Another Unit Converter will do the rest of the work. This plugin works perfectly if you have sites that deal with jobs like travel, finances, product reviews, or any other topic involving money. Some important features include support for more than 160 currencies.

Their rates are updated daily, allowing visitors to enable currency switches by clicking on any currency amount on your posts. Any visitor can easily choose their preferred currency from a user-friendly list, and more importantly, this plugin will remember their choice for future visits.

7. CurrencyConverter

CurrencyConverter landing page

This is another converter that only deals with the conversion of currencies and is definitely worth mentioning. CurrencyConverter offers you more than 170 conversion rates, and it’s constantly updated (each hour automatically).

When using this tool, you can count on few widgets for showing currency rates, and every widget has multiple settings for customization. Also, it is up to you to choose a data provider, and there is no additional load on your site.

The best part of all, there is a useful API for creating your custom widgets or showing exchange rates anywhere on your website for any visitor that uses it.

Wrapping Up

There are many amazing and skillful plugins you can use to improve your site and to gain advantages over the competition. It’s not easy to find a reliable plugin for unit conversion, and in a forest of seemingly the same WordPress plugin, we are glad to have introduced you to the best and most useful of them.

We only gave our suggestions, and we hope they are of use to you.

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