Website Analytics and Their Influence in Guiding Your Web Strategy (Why They’re More Important Than You Think)

Website analytics are certainly an important aspect of your online business, and they’re not something any business owner and marketer should ignore. There are several reasons why you have to pay close attention to all analysis around your site. First of all, you can learn a lot thanks to website analytics. They provide you with different visitor data types so you can realize what they are doing on your site.

With that said, it is clear that the main job of website analytics tools is the measurement and analysis of website data through which you will be provided with crucial information about every individual visiting your site and their behavior. That way you can better understand and later optimize your web usage. If you want to understand and better the environment around you, you will need analytics.

Analytics on a tablet

With analytics, you will stay updated and create a better user experience on your website. Once you learn to use analytics correctly, you will find a good way to optimize, which leads to an increase in key conversion metrics. This way, you can find out what your most popular pages are and which still need some work. Using website analytics will keep you in touch with your competition because if you are not doing any analysis and your competitors do, that will secure them a serious advantage.

At the same time, you will remain in the dark. Thanks to analytics, you can add relevance and power to your entire marketing strategy, and you are completely familiar with who your real audience is. To do this professionally, you will probably need some help from tools created specifically for analytics of websites. In this article, we will introduce you to the best of them.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics website

Starting with the most popular one, Google Analytics is one of the pioneers in website analytics. Thanks to this Google-owned professional tool, you can improve user experience on your website because of its broad digital analytics, which can be used by your website browser and even on the mobile app.

This tool gives you the best insights possible about your website users and the general audience on it. Plus, you can use it to create the best digital marketing campaigns. Google Analytics is a very flexible tool, and most importantly, it is easy to use.

Google Analytics features

Thanks to this platform, you will send the right messages to your audience, you will improve your work, and set it to a higher standard. Google created and launched this service in 2005 and continues to develop it annually, making this tool the most widely used web analytics service.

Google Analytics is free of charge for its basic functions, meaning that you can get quality insights with everything you need for free, which is good if you are a small business owner and the spectrum of your work is not too wide. But if you need additional functions and some advanced features, then you can acquire Google Analytics 360 for a recurring fee.

2. Insignal

Insignal homepage

Insignal is a truly amazing and professional tool that allows you to quickly visualize interaction on your website, helping you optimize the browsing experience on it. Insignal represents a whole new level when it comes to website optimization and analytics thanks to its many features.

Some of the best ones include that you are provided with session recordings used to playback everything one user does on your website. Of course, confidential and sensitive information about users has been secured thanks to the advanced technology this app uses, so there’s no need to worry about misuse of any confidential info.

Insignal features

Thanks to its Eye-Tracking Heatmaps, you can better understand which part of the website your users are most interested in, what they care about, and what products on your site interest them most. Other features include deep timelines that help you to find out where and why users are leaving your website. Then, you also get real-time analytics so that you are in touch with all the activities on your website.

You can easily collect feedback and understand your users better, and with the quick surveys option, you can use all feedback you get to convert your viewers into paying customers. There are 3 pricing plans to choose from, so you’re bound to find what fits you.

3. Mixpanel

Mixpanel homepage

Mixpanel is a tool you have to pay attention to. Even though it’s simple and easy to use it’s still powerful enough to fulfill all your business needs. It provides you with self-service product analytics to help you convert, engage, and collect more users.

With this tool, you will get interactive reports, team dashboards and alerts, limitless segmentation, as well as group analytics. Other features include data integration and management, state-of-art security features, and many more. Their website lists 3 different pricing plans for this platform, all according to what your business requires.

4. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics homepage

As developers of this amazing tool like to say, “the web analytics is the heart, but insights bring the soul.” And truly, when it comes to insights and traffic analysis, this site is at the top of all ranks. Adobe Analytics evolved from a simple metrics tool into one of the most advanced and amazing ones. It used machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other top data analysis to grow into one respectful and reliable platform.

This tool offers various types of analytics, including Web, Marketing, Attribution, and Predictive analytics. There are so many benefits to choosing Adobe Analytics. It will transform the way you see website analytics and open you to a world full of possibilities.

5. Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica homepage

And last but not least, Yandex Metrica represents a tool that provides you with all-round web analytics. You can count on various abilities from traffic trends to mouse movements, helping you to understand your online audience and drive your business growth in the best possible way.

You can set up to 200 goals per site, integrate eCommerce data, and track custom events. And best of all, this unique tool is completely free. You get so many great features for free, that’s not something you see that often, so pay attention to Yandex Metrica since it can help you loads.


Through this article, you were able to see how many great things can be achieved with the proper usage of data analysis. Without any doubt, it is one of the most important things that you have to think about if you want a successful site.

Tools like Google Analytics represent a standard in the industry, something that is widely used and extremely useful. But do keep in mind there are other tools like Insignal that can truly help you thrive. They were created by professionals for that very purpose. So you’ll never again have to fear a job requiring sophisticated data analytics.