Top Platforms for Selling Digital Downloads

Selling things online is becoming more popular every day. Online stores are slowly replacing physical stores and making business more challenging and interesting. Back in the day, all products were physical and tangible. This online revolution showed opportunities for digital creators to sell their products online. Digital products include software, data bundles, e-books and audiobooks, digital artwork, tickets, and online courses.

How can digital products help your business? Where can you sell them?

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Digital products have many benefits for businesses. They may serve to gain more attention and customers to the brand and other products. Selling digital products brings extra income from the audience worldwide. They are always available, and they do not require storage, shipping, large inventory, or your constant presence.

If you’re considering selling your digital products, you should decide what the best online market for you is. Having in mind your products and the current state of your business, you can choose among three options.

  • Integrating a shop within your business website
  • Offering your products through a dedicated online store
  • Using a third-party platform specialized for these products

The best platforms for selling digital products

Third-party platforms are considered the best choice for digital sellers. This is because their specialized features make the selling process much easier. For example, platforms offer their storage, advanced payment options, specialized search filters, strong review sections, and security, among other specialized features.

However, every platform offers different functions and features. That being said, your selection depends on your product’s type and business expectations. Here we prepared a list of top platforms for selling digital downloads to make this easier for you.


Sellfy website

Sellfy is a platform available for selling goods, digital products, video streaming, and subscriptions. It lets users create an online store over a simple builder without much time and extra effort. With the help of customization tools, users can build a unique store that represents the brand and business style: add a logo, adjust the design and colors to match the brand, and stand out. Also, Sellfy stores are optimized for all devices.

In addition, Sellfy allows linking the created store to an existing domain and business website, which helps with brand strengthening and presenting your work better. Furthermore, Sellfy has powerful marketing features to increase sales. It makes a stronger bond with customers by offering discount codes, communicating via emails and newsletters, and offering similar products on the way to checkout.

Sellfy accepts many payment methods, keeping them secure and protected. It also offers a 14-day free trial and more pricing plans.


Podia website

Podia is a great platform for selling courses, webinars, eBooks and audiobooks, downloads, and other documents. It offers a very convenient and professional course module for easier understanding and communication with the students. In the same way, it uses a professional approach for other digital products.

Podia offers different coupons for customers and product suggestions for extra sales. In addition, Podia helps with expanding the community, offering strong email marketing, post engagement, and communication with customers.  It has several pricing options depending on the features you need.


SamCart website

SamCart is a platform built to make running an eCommerce business simple and easy. It offers storage hosting for online courses and webinars, digital downloads, and online services. This platform has a simple editor with numerous website templates and customization tools to create a unique store that fits in with your brand. It also integrates with other software to make things smoother.

SamCart has powerful marketing features and helps you grow your audience with coupons and discounts. Payments are secured without taking the money from your sales. You can start using SamCart for free and upgrade it by selecting features and pricing plans.


Gumroad website

Gumroad is another versatile e-commerce platform for selling digital products, but more precisely: for selling anything. Gumroad has a simple page editor that offers different customizable tools for creating a unique layout. Also, if there is an existing website for your business, Gumroad offers to link it to the store and embed the Gumroad store there.

Gumroad connects you with customers over simple memberships and subscriptions. Furthermore, Gumroad lets you create coupons and discounts for sales. It also allows different currencies for payments. All payments are secured and fast to avoid any obstacle between you and your customer.

In addition, this platform helps you grow your audience by sending updates and emails to them and comes with analytics tools to understand data better and use it appropriately. Gumroad starts with no monthly fee, and it has a pricing policy depending on the earnings.

Final thoughts

Digital products are an important part of the business and online market. Businesses can benefit from strong digital product sales. First, however, it is important to know the right selling place. Specialized platforms offer powerful features and a simple and secured way of presenting and selling your digitals. Go through this list and decide which of mentioned platforms is the best choice for your products, your business presentation, and the amount of money you can dedicate.

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