5 ‘No Code’ Martech Tools to Optimize Your Marketing

Technology is making great strides every second. Sometimes we may not even be aware of the abnormal speed at which technology is evolving. The development process is constantly active. So, day by day, we can get acquainted with the new waves of technology. This is how the concept called NO CODE came about, which has over time become very popular.

It is used for platforms that allow beginners or professionals to create software applications through a visual user interface. So traditional programming seems to be more and more behind us every day. You may be wondering what no code offers and enables us to do. The answer is precise. No code gives us what we long for – a simple solution to problems.

Why choose a program without programming?

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First of all, we want to clarify one thing. If it is called no code, it does not mean that coding does not exist at all. Of course, there is, but the software program does the coding for you. After that, a member or team leader will not have to use coding. Customizing the user interface is actually the main catch. An easier way to develop business applications and solutions, with little or no coding, affects the market growth and facilitates digital transformations because it requires little IT support.

According to research firm Forrester, this will be the year of no code because 75% of business software will be using it. It is estimated that 65% of applications used in the next three years will be developed thanks to no-code. That is – the development of programs without programming. These platforms allow complete amateurs ​​to develop applications according to their needs, either for fun or business.

To shorten the wait, let’s look at a list of 5 powerful no-code tools to grow your business.


Monday homepage

At a time when popularity is growing, so is competition. Such moments require you to stand out. In the current market, this goal has been achieved by the Monday.com platform. Monday.com allows you to be successful and offers many options that will make your business better. What stands out are the options for team communication. Of course, we are aware that there is no success without quality team communication.

Monday.com allows for top-notch team communication because it allows everyone to collaborate. Deadlines are easy to manage, which will make it easier for you to track project progress. All of this and more have made Monday.com one of the most popular no-code tools in recent years.


Bubble homepage

The initiator of the new wave of no-code was Bubble. So it would be disrespectful to say that Bubble is just a project or a product. It is much more than that. Bubble has nearly a million users embarking on a business adventure. It is one of the most dominant codeless platforms that give you a lot and is free to test. This means you can test your idea or foundation before you start building something greater. Plus, if you ever stumble upon a problem, their customer support is to be commended.


Memeberstack homepage

Memberstack is a platform that will allow companies to manage membership prices, permits, and plans. If you decide to use this platform, what users see and when they see it will be under your control. Memberstack allows you to add user accounts and payments to any no-code website. You can also choose your favorite design and build on top of the existing interface.


Webflow homepage

Webflow is a platform for creating web pages without code. Webflow can start with you. Tiny steps to the stars. With this platform, you can create a page you would get from a programmer all by yourself. You are not yet limited to themes and templates, colors, shapes, animations, etc. You choose everything yourself – whatever you imagine, it is there in a second. Webflow is very useful, accessible to everyone, and easy to use.

Obviously AI

Obviously homepage

Obviously AI will help non-technicians make predictions. You can analyze the data, and use it to make educated business decisions. You are also offered the ability to customize the data you see. Obviously AI has several customizable features that you may like, such as filters, drag and drop columns, automation, etc.

Final Words

You can conclude that no-code platforms are actually platforms of the future. If you are still not convinced, it is time to explore for yourself. But also to – give it a try. You certainly will not go wrong with these tools. Traditional ways of programming are becoming a thing of the past. You need to get with the times, so get started today.

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