What Is Courage Essay

Writing essays at school or university is not uncommon. Students are assigned this type of academic work to learn how to properly structure and express their thoughts. It also teaches students to get into a topic quickly and to be well-rounded and erudite. The topics that can be encountered in essays are varied. When you come across a topic where you need to talk about a concept, you should know the structure of this type of essay. Below we will highlight useful tips on writing a courage essay.

The best tips on how to write an essay on courage

When we are faced with the task of writing an essay about some concept, we have to take into account several points. The first is that this essay shows your attitude toward this concept. Second – your essay should not consist only of your reasoning but should be supported by facts. Third, your goal is to convince your readers that your idea of the concept has a right to exist, encouraging them to agree with you. But if you’re still in doubt and don’t know where to start, below we’ve shared some tips on structuring an academic essay on what courage is:

  • A reflection essay involves expressing, first and foremost, your opinion about what courage is. Therefore, you need to start with how you understand the concept of courage
  • When you have expressed your point of view, you need to argue it. You can back it up with examples from life or literature. How exactly did these characters or real people show their courage? What common traits of courage can you identify with them?
  • Describe the concept of courage again but in more detail. In what ways does it manifest itself most?
  • Conclude by summarizing your reflection and highlighting the main point, but in different words. You must make several arguments for your opinion, not just one
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Following this plan, you can write a well-structured and logically coherent essay.

Ideas for writing an essay on courage

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If you’re short of ideas on what to write about in a courage essay, below we’ve listed some interesting and working topics that you can use.

  • What exactly is courage for you?

Each person owns their concept of the concept. It differs depending on our knowledge and experience of each of us. Share what courage means to you specifically. When do you feel courageous, and why?

  • Recall your bravest act

Compose your essay based on a case in your life when you felt the most courageous. Openly convey your lived feelings at that moment.

  • Courageous Hero

Write an essay based on an example of your life hero. It can be anyone: a relative, a celebrity, a friend – as long as it embodies courage, in your opinion, inspiring you to look up to them.

  • Walking through doubts

The main idea of such an essay is that it is better to do something and fail than to fail by doing nothing at all. Each of us feels self-doubt before some important choice or event. However, you will see how things can improve if you exercise courage. Or not. But at least you tried.

You can even dig into statistics to find amazing data about how courage affects happiness and people’s lives. This will make your essay even more exciting.

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