Recruitment Strategy for Onboarding Outstanding Seasonal Employees

Businesses everywhere are gearing up for the influx of seasonal employees. The best way to ensure your seasonal employees succeed is to have a solid recruitment strategy and onboarding plan in place.

The quality of your onboarding process is just as crucial for your temporary and seasonal workers as it is for employees joining a company’s regular payroll. Even when hiring experienced candidates for seasonal roles at your company, you should always offer training. The quality of your seasonal employee services makes all the difference from when they are hired to when they are continuously trained.

Making sure the hiring process of your seasonal employees goes smoothly can help to eliminate some headaches and get your company moving forward. A standardized onboarding process before making job offers can ensure that your new seasonal employees are ready to start.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to recruit seasonal employees and how to make sure they’re set up for success once they’re on board.

Five Strategies For Recruiting Seasonal Employees

1.   Referrals And Recommendations

Finding a job can be a difficult and stressful experience. It takes time to find the right person for the job. You have to use various methods to find them. And one method that works is hiring through an employee referral. Your employees may know someone looking for a job, and they can act as the link between you and a potential employee who they think is a good fit for the position. Employee referrals are very effective; most candidates get jobs through this method.

2.   Streamlining Your Onboarding Method

It is important to streamline the onboarding process so that it will not be monotonous for you and the employees. Create a dedicated onboarding team to ensure that all new employees are properly oriented and trained. Using the best onboarding software will help ensure the process is smooth and efficient. It will also develop a standardized onboarding checklist that includes all the essential tasks that need to be completed to onboard a new employee and has all the necessary paperwork ready in advance. This consists of the employee handbook, job descriptions, and other forms that need to be filled out. Preparing everything in advance will save time and ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

3.   Evaluating The Candidates

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Many companies hiring needs do not extend beyond a few open positions; however, many companies rely on a seasonal workforce and recruit in bulk at once. You must modify your interview process to deal with a large influx of candidates. Targeting candidates in the nearby area is another way to find candidates faster and make better seasonal hiring decisions. You can find many applicants from colleges. Attracting such candidates has many advantages. They seek work to gain work experience while earning something. This also reduces potential attendance problems due to long and daily commutes and other unforeseen circumstances.

4.   Invest In The Right Tools

Seasonal hiring is always challenging, especially when you need to find many potential candidates quickly. But fortunately, there are tools available that can simplify this process and make it easy for you to sort through a high volume of applications from job seekers. The software can help employers manage their jobs and receive alerts when a job requisition matches specific criteria.

With seasonal positions, employers have only a few opportunities to find the best candidates. You can use advanced applicant tracking tools to save time and avoid going through hundreds of applicants to find the right person for your team.

5.   Offer Just-In-Time Content

Seasonal workers don’t need a deep understanding of all the content in their jobs, but they need to know where to find specific pieces of information when required. Short videos and online training are great ways to get them up to speed and ensure they have access to information at all times.

When you need to remind your workers about a particular procedure, remind them to log in and check out their online modules. They’ll know where to find the required topic-specific information.


Recruitment and selection processes require a high level of analysis and planning to proceed safely and effectively. It’s essential to have the best recruitment strategy so that you can conduct hassle-free onboarding. In the recruitment and selection process, the HR department must be involved, and the finance department must also forecast and prospect the budget for each step.