Why Use Drake Tax Software with Cloud Hosting

Drake Tax Software is an advanced tax management solution used by multiple accountants, accounting firms, and small businesses. This software helps tax professionals effectively prepare tax returns and focus on key business processes rather than addressing unnecessary tax issues. Hosted Drake software brings even more benefits to users and businesses.

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Benefits of Drake Hosting

Remote Software Access

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Accounting professionals are now aware of the benefits of cloud hosting, and because Drake is hosted on the cloud, users can access the software anytime, anywhere. You can run different processes on different devices connected to the Internet, wherever you are. Users are not tied to a specific location, so they are more independent, agile, and adaptable to their work.

To streamline the workflow, users can work on synced files on the cloud at the same time. This means that all software, data, and services are integrated into a single application for instant access from anywhere. Changes are tracked in real-time while users and customers can run the same file at the same time.

Disaster Recovery Benefits

It is strongly recommended that all companies purchase a reliable disaster recovery plan so that they can continue in the event of a disaster. Losing valuable or sensitive data on devices such as PCs and laptops is more troublesome than losing the device itself.

Hosting Drake on the Windows 10 virtual desktop provides more complete security in such cases. If your data is stored on the cloud, you can access it even if your device malfunctions. It also backs up files stored on the cloud daily.

Cost Cutting

The cloud does not require any hardware, which can bring significant cost savings to the enterprise. Cloud hosting is locked to the pay-per-use plan, so businesses only have to pay for the resources and services they need. It provides adaptability and customization options for enterprises to increase or decrease resources as needed. This allows SMEs to gain a competitive advantage and become more cost-effective.

Data Security

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As a tax expert, the security of the data you process for your business is very important. The age of the Internet and the current telecommuting environment increase the risk of cyber threats and unauthorized loss of sensitive data. The use of strict security measures may not be feasible for all tax professionals. However, to enjoy high-security benefits, it is best to switch to Drake hosting.

Drake Hosting Service Provider secures the data on a remote server through advanced security measures making cloud hosting a solid solution with features such as end-to-end encryption, malware protection, and two-factor authentication.


Everyone knows that our systems have limited computer resources because we live in an era where the use of computers is part of our daily lives. Ultimately, as you add software to your computer, you will experience performance issues. The same thing happens if you are loading various business applications such as Drake. As a result, work is impaired, and productivity is reduced.

An easy solution to these performance issues is to host the Drake software on the cloud. Hosting Drake on a powerful cloud server means that there is no performance delay. You can also choose a server dedicated to Drake software for incredible performance.


Drake software hosting is a very useful solution for tax professionals with many features and benefits. If you want to switch to Drake Hosting, switch today with the help of Apps4rent service providers, who are also experts in providing guidance on Office 365 Tenant Migration.

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