Best SamCart Alternatives: Automate and Improve Your Business

SamCart is one of the best eCommerce platforms on the market, no doubt about that. But like any other product, it’s designed for a specific type of user. While it does fit most users, it may not be a perfect fit for everyone.

What exactly is SamCart?

SamCart website

As already mentioned, SamCart is an eCommerce platform. You can use it to sell almost any type of product, and it’s easy to do so too. SamCart includes all of the tools you may need for running your shop and boosting its sales. It includes simple checkouts, a few different payment methods, and other features that can help your sales go up.

Why would you need a SamCart alternative?

Every user has different needs, and SamCart might just not fit them all. It’s a great tool, but it does have its flaws. SamCart wasn’t designed to be used for selling services.

You can still do it, but it may be better to use a different tool. There’s also a lack of design options, so you might not be able to design everything to your liking. Some other tools may also have better payment methods you prefer.

The biggest flaw of SamCart is its price. It can be a worthy purchase, but if your budget is rather low you’ll want to look for an alternative. SamCart starts at $39/month.

SamCart Alternatives


ThriveCart website

ThriveCart is probably the most popular alternative for SamCart. It offers some of the same functionalities, with a few more features, like supporting Apple Pay. Like SamCart, ThriveCart also lacks some more advanced design and customization options.

ThriveCart gives you the ability to create sale funnels with features like one-click upsells and bump offers. You can also embed the cart page anywhere on your site, leading to higher chances for converting the checkout.

Besides all of that, there are also customer insights, reportings, instant payments, and similar features. But, the biggest advantage that this platform has is that it’s a lifetime purchase. For $495, you can get a lifetime account. It seems like a lot, but over time it’s worth it.


PayKickStart website

PayKickStart offers some more flexibility for online sellers, including some features that SamCart doesn’t have. Some of those features are uptime monitoring, bank wire, email and webinar integrations, etc. If you’re not happy with the features included in SamCart and you want more, this is the tool for you. PayKickStart has one of the best feature sets for this type of platform.

For experienced users, these additional features are great to have. The support is great too, while also having online groups dedicated to discussions. If you want to learn how to use this platform efficiently, you most certainly can. It’s also pretty expensive, starting at $99/month, so it’s not a great pick for beginners.


ClickFunnels website

This is an all-in-one solution for launching your business from scratch. The difference between ClickFunnels and SamCart is that this gives business owners everything they need. Under one roof, you have all of the necessary tools for running a business, while SamCart is only designed for checkouts.

It’s a platform you can use for more than just selling, the features included help you with marketing, building relationships with your customers, etc. It starts at $97/month, but that includes way more than just a platform for checkouts.

This is a great tool for beginners, with great training material available so you can become an advanced user as well. It’s fairly simple to set up, and it includes all of the tools you could need along with a great customer experience.


SendOwl homepage

This is another shopping cart software that’s fairly popular among business owners. SendOwl is not as feature-packed as SamCart, or some other products mentioned here, but it’s way cheaper. If your goal is to create a basic shop without worrying too much about design templates, testing, support teams, and such, this one is for you.

Starting at $15/month, it’s by far the cheapest option here. Don’t get me wrong though, SendOwl does have a lot of features available.

The features available are most likely more than any beginner could need. SendOwl might not help you with creating sale funnels, but it’s a great help for creating a store where you can sell all of your products. Another benefit is that it supports Apple Pay and Bitcoin payments.

Final Words

SamCart is a great eCommerce platform; no one doubts that. But, no one product can suit everyone. Every product is designed for a specific type of user. With every user having different needs, there are products that try to fit those needs. There is something for everyone.

ThriveCart will give you almost all of the features that SamCart has while being cheaper in the long run. If your problem is a lack of features, but you can afford to spend a bit more money, try something like PayKickStart or ClickFunnel. These might fit your needs better.

If you’re a beginner, or you just can’t afford to pay a lot of money for a platform to use, SendOwl should be your choice. Simple to use, cheap, and does its job. It all depends on your needs, and within this list, you should be able to find something that works for you.

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