Using AI for Daily Tasks – Best Apps and Techniques

In 2023 AI is transforming many industries from healthcare to entertainment. It is also offering individuals new ways to perform daily tasks. Harnessing the power of AI in your daily life has many benefits. Why not leverage AI to simplify your life? In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the top AI applications for Mac and iOS that will enhance your daily productivity.


AI-powered writing assistants

Whether you’re a student writing an essay or a professional content writer, using AI-powered writing assistants can enhance your writing. They can fix your grammar and spelling errors, give you suggestions, and much more.

Setapp provides examples of the best AI apps for iPhone and iOS. Elephas is an AI-writing assistant that’s built into Mac OS. It will give you hints when writing emails and writing text to change its tone. It will generate ideas and fix grammar mistakes. Plus is another writing companion that will help you to write, summarize, translate, and explain. Typing Mind and Craft are other writing assistants that will help you to write better.

Time and schedule management tools

AI-powered schedule management tools can help you to automatically schedule tasks. You can book appointments, set reminders, and schedule meetings. Some task management apps can even suggest optimal schedules and track your progress.

Apple’s Calendar is already installed on a Mac and it is clean and functional. It is easy to add appointments. Natural language processing means it can figure out what you mean when you type into it. It has daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views.

Rize is a fully automated tracker that will help you to use your time efficiently. It tracks your time, sees which websites distract you, and much more. It also uses AI to give you insights. This helps you improve your productivity and simplify the workflow. You will never have to ask yourself where you’re spending your time.

Doodle provides a fast, easy way to schedule and you can make use of a free plan. It can help you whether you’re planning a meeting or a gathering with friends. It will send everyone times and options and choose a time that works best for everyone.

Notion is a single platform that has various productivity apps. Using these apps means you don’t have to use any other to-do lists, note-taking apps, etc. It’s one of the best AI apps for Mac and iOS.

Email assistants

AI-powered email assistants help you to manage and write emails more efficiently. They use machine learning to organize your inbox, detect errors, and offer suggestions for phrases. Using an email assistant can reduce the time and effort you need for emails. This will improve your productivity.

Canary Mail has an AI writer that will change how you receive and send emails. The writer called Copilot can write an email for you if you give it instructions. If you’re lost for words when writing emails, this is a great option for you. You don’t have to worry about security either because end-to-end encryption will protect your sensitive personal information. It is one of the best AI apps for Mac and iOS.

Virtual assistants

Numerous individuals have already integrated AI-driven virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri into their lives. They use them to handle many of their daily responsibilities. Natural language processing makes it possible for them to understand your instructions. With just your voice, you can schedule reminders, inquire about the weather, and perform various other tasks. You then have more time to spend on less mundane and more creative tasks. Assistants like this are likely to become the must-have AI tools in the future.

Google Assistant is a versatile AI-powered virtual assistant. You can integrate it into your life to perform many different functions. You can schedule appointments, give accurate directions, or send messages. Ask it to play podcasts, music, and audiobooks or get personalized recommendations for movies or books.

Algorithms analyze large amounts of data to provide personalized recommendations. These are relevant suggestions generated by an AI recommender system. They transform how you discover new products. You can receive book, music, or movie recommendations. A streaming platform like Netflix uses AI to understand your past choices and preferences to recommend relevant content to you. E-commerce platforms also use AI to recommend products to you based on your previous purchases and browsing behavior.

Document management tools

AI-powered document management tools are one of those must-have AI tools. Do you want to simplify the workflow and become more productive? For this, you need to utilize AI for day-to-day tasks. Everyone has important documents they can’t afford to lose. When a document goes missing it can have serious consequences. Physical documents can easily go missing.

When you store documents online as PDFs, you have more control over them. You can store and organize them efficiently. There are many different document management tools that offer safe and secure storage for documents. You always have easy access to them when you organize them into categories.

Password managers

Security experts always stress the importance of using different passwords for different accounts. Most of us spend time looking for login details and having to reset passwords. One of the must-have AI tools provides you with a way to manage your passwords. Having a password manager offers storage for all your passwords in one secure location. Your login credentials will be automatically populated when you’re logged in.

iPassword is a trusted password manager. It will save and fill in your usernames, passwords, codes, form fields, and payment information automatically. You can even keep your front door code and credit card information securely in this password manager. No one can see what you store in it so they can’t sell it, use it, or share it. There’s a free 14-day trial of iPassword.

Home automation systems

AI-powered smart home devices allow you to utilize AI for day-to-day tasks. With it, you can control lights, temperature, security systems, and appliances in your home. You can adjust temperature settings to conserve energy. Control over your security systems gives you peace of mind even when you go on vacation. The automation process can bring cost and energy savings and more comfort to your home.


Mental health support apps

Today there are AI-powered mental health chatbots. Their focus is to offer you emotional support and make you mentally stronger. If you live with a problem like anxiety, an app like this could make a difference. It will help to know more and how you can speak about your issues in a safe, secure environment.

Replika offers conversational interaction and you can safely share your thoughts and feelings. It feels like talking to a human but it is AI-powered. It helps you to track your mental health and offers positive reinforcement to help you reach your goals. You can do mindfulness exercises and have access to mental health resources. Share real-life experiences, talk about your day, and do relaxing exercises.


The best AI apps for Mac and iOS can save you time when you use them to automate daily tasks. They don’t replace your expertise and skills but they can enhance them. When you combine AI with your talents, you can reach new heights. Leveraging AI to your advantage and making full use of the automation process can be very beneficial in your daily life.