How To Properly Use Video in Web Design

Humans are visual creatures. Different studies demonstrate that people prefer video to textual content. Video is an appealing medium for reaching out to the public because of its rich visual content. It includes a moving image accompanied by music and/or spoken words and further embellished with effects.

Videos are readily available everywhere, and current technology allows people to watch them anytime they choose. Videos can be viewed on tablets and smartphones, as well as through the Internet, social media, and apps.

Because video is more accessible and easier to consume than ever before, enticing viewers through video is the most effective approach to downloading and sharing your content through your website. Here are 6 tips for using video in web design.

1. Choose the right length of the video

Image of excited young man and woman playing together and competing in video games on smartphones

The length of a video influences the likelihood of it being shared and viewed. Previous research has found a link between the length of time spent watching a video on a website and increased brand awareness and understanding. According to a Google study, viewers have a stronger inclination to watch longer videos.

The typical video is three minutes long. The objective of the video, whether the goal of the video was to achieve repeated viewing of the video or to promote the desire of a certain website, has a substantial impact on the accurate measurement of the duration of video content. Longer videos were shown to be more effective on websites than those that lasted only 15 seconds.

2. Make it interesting

The likelihood of sharing and watching videos on a website is influenced by how interesting it is. Users’ attention spans are restricted, and only a small number of videos will pique their interest. As a result, in a time when they have a choice of what to view, the video must be unique and different from others.

The material’s unique feature is what makes web videos so popular. Users begin sharing content when they find it intriguing enough. In practice, videos that used unconventional solutions in the message design were more memorable and made a greater impression on the user.

3. Introduction video

Shallow focus photo of a video camera recording an elderly woman

Videos about your website are typically utilized as a part of broader advertising efforts to demonstrate a high level of vision and mission for your website’s products and services. The purpose of this is to increase awareness, promote your values, and captivate the target audience to persuade them of the uniqueness of what you have to offer.

The use of animations, which provide numerous chances to artistically portray the desired vision and, thanks to visual and emotional stimulation, stimulate a favorable mood in the spectator, is a good approach to set your video material apart. By using animation, you can give your website a certain “character.”

4. Include expert interviews

These kinds of videos entail conducting interviews with experts in the specific field you are in. They are important to establish confidence and authority with the target audience. Today, there is an increasing number of influencers who can have a significant impact on how potential customers perceive your website. Including videos with some of them on your website can increase your traffic.

5. Make tutorial videos

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Tutorial videos are created with the intent of explaining something. This could involve offering helpful hints or instructing on how to address a certain situation. These videos are useful for gathering all of the relevant “how” and “hack” requests based on search results, as well as determining skills.

They help the audience, as well as introduce them to what the website can offer them. As a result, the website gains a new audience and builds trust. Many of these videos follow the journey of a website reader who is having trouble solving an issue and who solves the problem by following your answer.

6. Be up to date

it’s important to keep up with the most recent trends on social media and the Internet. Content developed around a current hot issue or an Internet “meme” has a higher chance of being seen and shared. Communication in the same language, which makes it easier and better to transmit the necessary information, also improves the possibility and interest in sharing content.

As a result, if the material you wish to share on your website is entertaining and informative, it has a good chance of being shared. Videos can be an excellent way to share new information and provide something that your audience desires. To surprise and inform your visitors, you must film videos that feature the best and most informative material.

Final Thoughts

Each method of incorporating video into your website design has advantages and disadvantages. Given the aim of the message you want to send, it is vital to conduct thorough research into the best sort of video form. With the advancement of technology, fresh formats are increasingly being used to introduce products and services to the target audience.

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