Marketing Automation Platform Pricing Guide

A marketing automation platform meets the requirement for value optimization and the automation of iterative marketing initiatives. It streamlines processes, brings in leads, and turns them into clients. But which platform should you choose to make the most of your marketing automation initiative?

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Many factors must be considered before investing in a marketing automation platform. Pricing is one such aspect. And in this article, we will go into great length on the pricing structure of marketing automation software. This will help you make an informed choice. Let’s start!

First, let’s look at the factors that influence the pricing of a marketing automation platform-

Factors That Influence The Pricing Of A Marketing Automation Platform

Implementation Process

Every agency has a unique implementation procedure, and the cost will vary based on complexity. For instance, the installation will be far less significant if you choose marketing automation for only your email campaign as opposed to a marketing initiative that includes automation for several campaigns.

Additional Features Offered

While some vendors offer sophisticated functionality as part of their monthly subscription plans, others charge extra for specific features or integrations. As an illustration, businesses frequently have the option of adding a dedicated IP address at an additional cost.

Consulting Services Offered By The Vendor

Some suppliers offer marketing and sales consultancy services. This could take the shape of one-on-one meetings, webinar training sessions, or comments on specific advertising initiatives.

Number Of Contacts That You Will Use

The number of contacts is a determining factor, majorly for email marketing. The more contacts you have, the more you will have to pay. However, this also depends on the pricing plan that you opt for. More on this in the next part of the article!

Now that we know the influencing factors, let’s look at marketing automation software pricing plans.

Marketing Automation Software Pricing Plans

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Most providers of marketing automation use a software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing structure. Businesses subscribe to a service and pay a monthly charge to utilize software in the cloud. Vendors typically charge for marketing automation platform in two ways:

Plan For Monthly Subscriptions

Numerous suppliers provide monthly subscription plans with levels determined by the number of contacts allowed and the number of services offered. The higher tier plans frequently include integrations with sales platforms, the capacity to divide target markets, and lead nurturing capabilities. Organizations that want extensive capabilities to study their target market, generate new leads or cross-sell products will benefit most from this price structure.

Plan For Monthly Subscriptions Based On A Contact

Vendors who offer a per contact, per month subscription plan give complete functionality while just charging for the contacts in a business’ marketing database. Some suppliers offer an online calculator where companies can enter the number of contacts and get a quote immediately.

Now that you know about the pricing plans that are offered by marketing automation platforms, here are a few questions to keep in mind while selecting the pricing structure for your platform-

Questions To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Pricing Structure For Your Platform

What Features Are Included In The Pricing Plan You’ve Chosen?

It’s typical for marketing automation companies to offer varying feature sets depending on your chosen pricing tier through tier-based pricing models. There are instances when you can locate a single platform with all the capabilities you need at a single price point. Nevertheless, you should contrast the feature sets with the specifications you set forth for marketing automation. Ensure that the features and the pricing structure match your budget and requirements.

Will There Be An Additional Cost For More Users?

Marketing automation firms differ in this aspect as well. While some providers have user thresholds and additional fees for more users, others allow for unlimited users. Make sure your plans take into account the anticipated number of platform users. Unlimited users without charging per user should be a top priority if your business is scaling quickly.


You are better equipped to choose suitable options for your company now that you know the cost of marketing automation platforms. Comparing pricing models of various platforms with pricing will provide you with the clarity, helping you choose the right platform. Select a platform that not only has all the functionality you need but is also very affordable.