How To Fix Mixed Content Warnings

The Internet is an excellent tool that is now part of our daily life. Depending on how we use it, so will the consequences. If we want to complete our knowledge, find news, correspond with peers and develop our creativity, it will help us immeasurably. Unfortunately, some users want to hurt others. In their hands, the Internet can turn into a powerful weapon.

But knowledge and awareness are our weapons in the fight against its abuse so that it is free for all of us who want to learn, grow and have fun. Therefore, it is essential to know how the Internet works, what the risks are, and what we can do when there is a possibility that something unpleasant could happen.

What is mixed content, and how to find it?

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When using the Internet, all users want to be safe. However, we always wonder if we are totally sure. Even with a browser you have been using for years – you always ask yourself that question. Even when you think it is totally safe, it can happen you get a notification that the website is not secure. This is when the mixed content occurs.

Simply put – mixed content would be a combination of HTTP and HTTPS. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a protocol for transferring hypertext on the Internet. HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is an Internet protocol that enables encrypted communication. The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that TCP/IP-port 443 is used by default, and its URLs start with https://. On the other hand, HTTP uses TCP/IP-port 80 by default, and its URL is https://. This sounds so complicated.

But let’s explain simply just the letter S at the end of the protocol label means security.
By mixing HTTP and HTTPS resources, we get mixed content. Mixed content can be active and passive. With mixed active content, HTTP is not secure, and passive content manifests itself in problems with sound, images, video, etc. That is why you must take care not to experience this problem. So a simple question arises – how to fix this?

How to fix mixed content warnings?

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You are probably already aware of how serious this problem can be and how much it can harm you. But it is time to forget your worries because today is your lucky day. We have the ideal solution for you – WP Force SSL. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to easily recognize and fix mixed content. This plugin is not intended only for this problem but can be of great use to you in other fields. However, let’s focus on mixed content.

WP Force SSL has a feature called Pad Content Scanner that will be enough to solve the mixed content problem. If you were to search for all unsafe locations in a traditional way, it would take a lot of time. Of course, the question is – whether you would still find all those sites.

That is why Content Scanner is here to scan all unsafe websites in just a few minutes. This feature will do its best to fix all such websites and react as soon as the problem occurs. All you have to do is click on the scanner, and the plugin will start doing its job.

Final Words

If you did not know what mixed content on the Internet was until now, we hope you are now aware of the problems it can cause. In order for this not to happen – you must act on time. We have found the best solution for you in the form of the WP Force SSL plugin that will delight you. It’s time to make the Internet a safe place. Make it possible for yourself by using this plugin.

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