How to Create Mobile Apps from Your WordPress Site to Improve User Experience and Grow Your Business

We do everything on our phones, don’t we? We stay informed about the world, talk to our loved ones and entertain ourselves. Going off of that, it makes sense that we visit websites on our phones. However, sometimes websites don’t work as well on mobile devices as they do on the computer. That’s a problem when you have a WordPress website and a lot of mobile users. Because of that, you should look into converting your site into a mobile app.

Mobile responsive websites work great for attracting new users since they are readily available for anyone browsing the Internet. While sites can be great on mobile devices, they aren’t perfect. If you want to retain your current users while also attracting new ones, mobile apps are the way to go. The obvious reason for having applications on your phone is convenience. You have the app installed on your device, it loads faster, and it’s made specifically for mobile devices.

They are responsive and interactive. Furthermore, mobile apps immensely improve user’s experience. Mobile apps are more functional and have new and different features, such as push notifications. Of course, creating a mobile app can be a tedious and expensive process. Lucky for you, converting a WP website is both easy and affordable. With the right plugins, that is.

1. AppMySite

AppMySite homepage

First such plugin is AppMySite, a helpful tool that allows you to create an app using an AI-powered WordPress app builder. Even better, you won’t have to write a single line of code. AppMySite will help you in your efforts to grow your online presence, attract new customers and retain your old ones. The tool prides itself on the fact that the creation of the app is done in a matter of minutes.

You can choose the app’s design that fits your style and pick the icons, splash screens, and sign-up screens. You can even personalize it and add your own artwork or premium designs. Once it is customized, you can immediately upload it to Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If the app is used as an e-commerce store, you also have the option to manage product listings, info, and checkout settings.

Like I mentioned before, apps improve users’ experience, and AppMySite is the prime example. It lets you finetune the app to meet your business goals and configure the menu, pages, and categories.

When you download and activate the plugin, it will instantly connect your website to the app. It will be automatically filled with your content and products. A useful feature that AppMySite offers is the preview, which can prevent some big mistakes from happening. You can preview important updates as well as test Android and IOS apps.


AppMakerxyz homepage is another fantastic plugin that can help you make a native application that will increase your revenue. The plugin will, along with a lot more, help you increase your brand value by optimizing your app from the start. It provides you with in-house experts and dedicated support to whom you can turn to in case of any doubts.

As was mentioned before, push notifications are a new feature that mobile responsive websites can’t provide. Push notifications will engage your customers with customized offers, reminders, and deals. With the help of 3rd party support, Appmaker guarantees a painless transition from a website to a mobile app, whether you have a new store or an existing one.

Another feature that will increase both your revenue and customers’ engagement is offering app-only coupons. Exclusive offers like that ensure new customers and retention of old ones. It feels good when you know you are getting something other people aren’t.

Appmaker also offers all payment gateways, syncing with your store as well as currency and language switcher. Code writing knowledge is not necessary. Plus, all of the content management can be done through a single dashboard.

3. MobiLoud

MobiLoud homepage

The last plugin is today’s article, but no less effective is MobiLoud. MobiLoud allows you to convert your WordPress site into a stunning app without any hassle. With this plugin, you will increase your audience’s engagement and loyalty while boosting revenue through ads and subscriptions.

MobiLoud partners with high-traffic publishers to ensure your app is created and published by experts leaving no room for mistakes. The team takes care of the whole process and maintains the app for you. This tool is designed specifically for WordPress and can integrate your app with your website, plugins, and external widgets.

Any app created with MobiLoud will be automatically updated and can be accessed on any device, whether it is Apple, Android, a phone, or a tablet. It provides you with options to fully customize your app’s style, colors, logo, menu, and more. Your app can also require a login and offer subscriptions.

Final thoughts

Let’s be honest; we all love to browse the Internet on our phones. We have virtually everything in the palm of our hands. However, some websites may not work as well on the phone as they do on the computer. A great way to resolve that is by converting sites into mobile apps.

All three plugins listed in this article will help you with that. On the top of the list is AppMySite, an amazing tool that can help you create and publish the app. It offers valuable features to help you engage your users and improve their experience.