Best Under Construction & Coming Soon Page Plugins for WordPress That Keep Your Site Looking Professional

Explaining what under construction & coming soon pages are is easy. It’s rather self-explanatory. Those are pages that are soon to be in function but at the moment are not. They give you a small peak at the page, what it is about, and what it should look like. It is an essential part of website creation for several reasons.

The first reason you need a coming soon page before your official launch is hiding your digital process. No one wants to open a serious company’s webpage and see a lot of unfinished digital ruin. It gives off an unprofessional vibe. Another reason is that with coming soon pages, you have a constant countdown timer for your users to see when the website will be launched.

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For that, you can also use social media, but it is not that efficient, and you have to update them all the time. With a coming soon page, you can put a timer only once, and that job is done. The third reason is that you can put an email subscription form on your coming soon page, and that way, you can have your customers get brand-related news via email.

Another thing is cross-promotion, your coming soon website can have links to all your social media accounts, and you can lead your customers to your brand. Today, we made you a list of the 7 best under construction & coming soon page plugins for WordPress. We hope you’ll find it useful.

1. Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode – Coming Soon Page

Minimal Coming Soon banner

First on our list is Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode – Coming Soon Page. This is a WordPress plugin that allows its users to easily and efficiently create a coming soon page. The plugin is simple and flexible. It works with any WordPress theme and plugin. It gives its users access to full control over the frontend of your website, and you can modify almost every aspect of the page you need.

It connects with MailChimp API. That way, you can collect emails from your website visitors. It is also GDPR compliant. This plugin has a PRO version as well that allows you to connect to any other autoresponder services. This plugin is partnered with accessiBe, a fully automated AI service that allows for web accessibility. Features that this plugin provides the user with are amazing.

You get 200+ themes that come with the PRO version, 26+ Instagram filters, and 47+ spectacular content animations. Everything you might create with it is fully customizable, including the background color, fonts, logo, cover images, etc. It includes over two million premium images in the PRO version. Every element of the coming soon pages can be configured per the needs of the webpage creator.

Coming Soon And Maintenance Mode features

You can also preview the Coming Soon page before activation. It has SEO preview and analysis tools available in the PRO version. It features a simple drag-and-drop editor, which means you can rearrange the position of all your elements. It supports W3 Total Cache, WP Super CACHE, SIteground Superacher, Endurance Page Cache, WP Fastest Cache, and Swift Performance Cache.

The plugin is GDPR compatible as it sets no cookies and displays an optional warning below the email field. That warning users have to accept if they want to subscribe to the newsletter. You can build your site while your visitors see only the Coming Soon page because it is visible to only non-logged-in users. It supports Custom Login URL. You can also track your visitors with support for Google Analytics. You have over 800 Google Fonts available to fit any design.

2. Under Construction

Under Construction banner

Next on our list is the Under Construction plugin. It is an easy-to-use plugin that helps you hide your unfinished page. It takes less than a minute to install and configure. Under Construction is simple, fast, efficient, and user-friendly, with a lot of amazing templates all the users love. You can see live examples on the Under Construction website. It is also partnered with Weglot, which means that it is available in multiple languages and that you can instantly translate your coming soon page to 100+ languages with one click.

Like the previous entry, the Under Construction Page is also partnered with accessiBe, a fully automated AI service for web accessibility. That option will instantly grow your audience because today, tolerance and care for people with disabilities is a trait every serious company needs.

The PRO version provides obvious upgrades over some of the features in the free version, but both are sure to do whatever you need them to. Only the PRO allows for a bit more freedom and comes with a few extras.

Under Construction features

Under Construction Page’s options are huge. With it, you can turn your under construction mode on and off. It gives you the option of putting an Automatic End date and time, which disables construction mode on a set date. UCP also enables tracking via Google Analytics, has 200+ themes and custom CSS. It has an option box and an options popup, which gives you an option to collect leads and emails, as well as sync with MailChimp and other autoresponders.

It has social icons/links with all the most popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Skype, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Dribbble, and many more. It has separated whitelisted user roles – user roles who see the site, instead of the under-construction page and whitelisted users – users who see the site, instead of an under-construction page.

Under Construction is compatible with a lot of caching plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Endurance Page Cache, Siteground SuperCacher, WP Fastest Cache, Swift Performance Cache WP Rocket, and Hummingbird cache.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance banner

Maintenance is a WordPress plugin that allows the site administrator to close the site for maintenance. Set a temporary page with an authorization that can be edited via the plugin settings and enable „503 Service temporarily unavailable“. The plugin is easy to use and without a lot of effort, and you can customize the look of your coming soon site for all devices.

Maintenance has a lot of amazing features. It has a Retina-ready HTML/CSS layout, full-screen background with BackStretch, and a blur background effect. You can upload your logo, configure colors of fonts, icons, and background, and customize the title, headline, and text. Maintenance also has over 200 pre-made themes for your coming soon site-building.

Another great thing about Maintenance is its security system. Maintenance uses Security Ninja. Security software that runs over 50 security tests with one click. After that, you get a detailed report, and you can automatically fix any security issues.

Maintenance test site

Like the last two entries on our list, Maintenance also has a partnership with accessiBe, which helps people with disabilities use your website with ease. It is a fully automated AI service for web accessibility. This will also boost your audience numbers because people prefer to use websites and deal with companies that take care of those who need extra help.

It also has user login on the frontend, admin bar status, 503 error on and off option, and support for all the popular caching plugins like WP Super Cache, Endurance Page Cache, SiteGround SuperCache, WP Fastest Cache, Swift Performance Cache, W3 Total Cache and many more.

4. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Page

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode page

Next on our list is the Coming Soon & Maintenace Mode Page. It is a simple and easy-to-use Coming soon, Under Construction and Maintenance page WordPress plugin. The plugin itself is rather innovative, and with it, you can even create an animated Coming Soon page with all the features you need.

It has a responsive design and is adaptable to any device. It has the option of setting up a background slider with an overlay pattern and opacity. You can easily create animated text and add a countdown time, subscription form, and a lot more. There’s even an option to activate and deactivate any section of the page and import Google Fonts.

Coming Soon test page

It has an amazingly modern and responsive coming soon page design. You can edit all sections of your site from the plugin options panel, like the background slider with pattern overlay and opacity. As far as background slider animations go, you have 16 types of animations to choose from.

It also has a preloader and liver Preview. You can even have your page translated into other languages. It works for any WordPress theme, and the installation setup is straightforward.

5. Site Offline

Site Offiline banner

Site Offline is a WordPress plugin used to create a coming soon page. It is easy to set up and easy to manage. It provides you with a retina-ready template completed with a countdown. The countdown can be turned on with a click of a button and has a responsive design. Site Offline is built with bootstrap and is HTML5 supported. You can choose any WordPress Theme, and it’s still going to work.

The plugin also features some CSS animations and logo customization. It supports adding a background image and has an unlimited color scheme. Another amazing feature is that it has a user-friendly and flexible interface, a live preview option, 4 social profiles integrated, and a contact info display option.

Site Offline preview

It is translation-ready, has i18n Support, and is fairly easy to disable the section you do not need. Site Offline also has a Pro version. The difference is that the Pro is built with Bootstrap 3.3.4, 8 design templates, 7 Newsletter options, 4+ additional pages, and an About us page. It also provides its users with a Team section, contact info section, a contact form, Google Maps, a service page, and  10 Background slideshows.

With the Pro version, you also have an option of importing Youtube video backgrounds, auto-launch, access control, IP access, user access, and landing page access. The plugin grants you full SEO Control, a subscribers list, social profiles, a social profile drag and drop, and 500+ Google Fonts.

6. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by Colorlib

Colorlib Coming Soon banner

With Colorlib Coming Soon & Maintenace Mode, you have a plugin that allows you to create a one-of-a-kind coming soon site quickly by using the live customizer. With it, you can easily work on your site while the plugin takes care of collecting your visitors’ emails. It is amazing to use, versatile, and user-friendly.

Colorlib is useful for anyone that wants to develop a unique and custom coming soon website. It has a large arsenal of amazing features that you can use to make whatever you want. Everything you create will have a beautiful and responsive design, will work with all WordPress themes, and will be integrated with MailChimp.

It has social media buttons for all the most popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Instagram. It also gives you the option of disabling and enabling subscription forms, and the under-construction mode has a timer option. When it comes to templates, Colorlib has 15 pre-built unique templates.

7. Coming Soon, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode by Dazzler

Coming Soon by Dazzler banner

Coming soon is a WordPress plugin made by Dazzler create to help you in creating coming soon websites. It has a responsive design and is built with Bootstrap. It is effortless to use and has both a free and a Pro version. With the free version, you get a ton of amazing features. It is HTMP5 supported, works with any WordPress theme, and has CSS3 animation.

The plugin allows you to add any background image of your choice, as well as pick a color scheme. You can integrate 4 of your social media profiles and have a live preview option. It is fully translation-ready.

With the Pro version, your possibilities are endless. You can create an about us page, add 4+ additional pages, and a contact info section. It has Google Maps, a service page, and 8 designs of templates. You can also integrate it with many different newsletters like Mailchimp, Mad Mimi, Icontact, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and GetResponse.


That ends our list of the best coming soon & under construction website WordPress plugins. Do not forget that these are important and that if you choose the right one, it can benefit you greatly. We think that if you choose any of these, you will not make a mistake, and you will be able to create an amazing coming soon & under construction website. Best of luck!

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