10 Best WooCommerce Themes for WordPress: The Perfect Mix of Aesthetics and Functionality

People often think that owning an online business is an easy job to do. You just post few pictures here and there and write a short text, and that’s it. But if you are someone who owns a store, you know all the effort that comes with running an online business. However, it doesn’t have to be extremely tiring; there are ways to make your job easier.

Good presentation, and a great first impression, are already half of your job done when it comes to winning a shopper’s heart. Or wallet? Today we will present you with ten WooCommerce themes that will help you make your online store more appealing. Buckle up, and let’s start, shall we?

1. Shoppe

Shoppe preview

Looking for a theme that will make your store look professional? Then Shoppe is the ideal choice for you. This theme has many great features and is perfect for people that own online shops, fashion sites, and more. The main feature of this theme is that it offers fast merchandise search, and that’s something every shopper prefers.

Shoppe has several more features like an ajax shopping cart, ajax quick search, and a wishlist. There is even a product gallery, where you can zoom in on pictures and much more. Shoppe will offer you some extra skins, which will allow you to transform your site in the blink of any eye. You can even create custom layouts since this theme comes with the Themify Builder.

This theme usually costs $69, but you can get it right now for only $49, and trust us, it is worth every penny. We dare you to try it. You will fall in love with it. Plus, you’ll also be getting a bonus theme included in the bundle.

2. OceanWP

OcenWP preview

Are you trying to develop your project or site? OceanWP is the theme for you. It is lightweight, and whatever you imagine your future site will look like, this theme will help you to make it happen. A business site, a blog, a WooCommerce storefront, and more. With this theme, all these types of websites can look skilfully made and aesthetically pleasing.

OceanWP is also a powerful theme since it’s quick and receptive. It even offers one-of-a-kind WooCommerce features. They can help you grow your store and much more. However, what makes this theme even more appealing is that it is free of charge. Yes, you have read that correctly. You can get it this second, for free. So hurry up.

3. Neve

Neve demo

Neve is always up to date and constantly upgraded to make sure all users have the best possible experience. It’s also important to mention that it is easy to use and adjustable. Neve is a good option for beginners. While creating this theme, site speed was one of the developers’ top priorities, so you’ll never have to worry about slow loading times. Neve takes only a second to load, sometimes even less. Mind-blowing, right? This theme also provides you with numerous features that can help you while creating your online shop.

4. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer demo

Are you someone who focuses on design, growth, and speed when it comes to your eCommerce site? Then we suggest looking up Shoptimizer. It will offer you features that will help you with the growth of your site, features like requesting a callback, quicker checkout, and much, much more. There is even a mega menu and more rapid search features. This theme is easy to use, and that makes it beginner-friendly.

5. Hugo

Hugo demo

Hugo is a theme that’s bound to make your shop look gorgeous. This theme can perfectly adapt to the WooCommerce environment. The homepage’s layout looks sleek and modern, with your products at the forefront beautifully displayed in an image slider.

It consists of several characteristic widgets. Just some of them are contact info, tools for content discovery features, and social media. Since nowadays the majority of shoppers prefer to do it online, these tools are in a way necessity. They can help us with things like growth, product promotion, and so on.

One of this theme’s definite benefits is that it offers great support 24/7. Encountered a problem? You don’t have to panic. Get in touch with the support team and describe your issue. Team members will be there for you until the issue is solved.

6. Presence

Presence homepage

Presence is a multi-purpose and dynamic WooCommerce WP theme. It’s great for people who own different kinds of blogs, businesses, or online stores. Creating online stores is not your stronger side? Nothing to worry about if you have Presence on your side. It comes with several premade sites and an eCommerce store. All you have to do is install and customize it, and you are all set.

This theme will include several more handy features to make your job easier and your site more pleasing. It includes various page layouts, two different slider options, six color schemes, and so on. Presence looks great on screens of all sizes, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.  We guarantee you, once you try it, you will fall in love with it.

7. Arcade

Arcade demo

We all know how popular the gaming industry currently is. Well, Arcade is a WooCommerce theme dedicated to online gaming shops, accessories, and electronics. It was specially designed to demonstrate multiple sorts of merchandise on your front page. When you have products on your front page, it makes browsing much easier plus, it captures the user’s attention from the get-go.

By purchasing Arcade, you get one year of updates and support. If you run into any issues with this theme, contact the support team, and they will solve it in no time.

8. Spencer

Spencer demo

Spencer is a theme for WooCommerce and business sites designed to look charming and inviting. It will beautifully suit your brand’s image since it offers a color customizer and the ability to add your own logo. You can either match the whole website to your logo colors or just some sections. It’s all up to you and what you like.

9. Vasco

Vasco demo

Are you someone who deals with traveling and different kinds of adventures? Would you like to promote your traveling experiences and motivate people to join you? Then we recommend Vasco. It consists of a widget-based system, which makes it easy to post stories of your latest adventures.

You can even post your future plans right on the front page to make sure everyone stays up to date. With Vasco, you will get multiple color and font choices. It will help make your page eye-catching and attract shoppers.

10. The Styler

The Styler demo

The Styler is a one-of-a-kind theme with a modern main page design. This theme is perfect for fashion stores, even beauty salons. Simple but effective is how we would describe this theme. You can change just a few details and still make your site fashionable and attractive, and with this theme, that is easy to do. You will get used to it within minutes.


As a shop owner, you probably know how important it is to keep your online store appropriate and user-friendly. And choosing the right theme is the first step towards that goal. We have listed ten different kinds and made sure that we offer something for everyone.

At least give yourself a chance to change and make your life easier. Try some of the above-listed themes, and we promise you will wonder where they were earlier.

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