Best Instagram Growth Services and Platforms That Help You Gain Followers Faster Without Bots

Summer moments. Your perfect jump into the sea. Enjoying the beauties of your hometown. Autumn comes, with it the leaves of all shades of orange and yellow. In the cafe that you accidentally
discovered, they make great coffee and latte art. We cannot wait to share some events and experiences with our friends on social media, and Instagram is one of the best networks for that.

Instagram has quickly grown from a single photo editing app on iOS devices to a huge social network with over 1,000 million monthly active users. For many brands, Instagram is one of the key tools for connecting with customers on a more personal level through beautiful visual content and, more recently, short videos showing what is going on behind the scenes.

Each of us knows that it is crucial in Instagram advertising to strengthen our Instagram engagement, but is there a possibility to reach potential followers faster in a legal way?

Instagram growth services and platforms can (not) boost your visibility on Instagram

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For the user who wants fast results, designing a marketing campaign on Instagram can be time-consuming and often demotivating. The reason lies in the slow process of connecting to a huge number of followers and establishing the presence of the brand. That is why they are designed services for growth on Instagram, which will help you navigate your Instagram journey smoothly. Your task becomes just creating great and appealing content, and editing images with or without filters, and the chosen service will deal with managing and building better engagement.

An Instagram growth service is a third party that uses a user Instagram account, which means managing Instagram, tracking accounts, commenting, and knowing how to boost the user account’s presence on the platform. The logic of their work is to like-follow-comment from your account, so others do the same things on your posts. Using these services can definitely bring you more followers and increase your engagement, but you can never be cautious enough.

Your followers may or may not be real because many of these services use bots that automate engagement from your account. Therefore, if you choose to stop using the growth services, you can notice that the number of your followers has stopped growing. When choosing an Instagram growth service, make sure that Instagram rules prohibit aggressive behavior on the platform. One of the main Instagram rules is that users should not participate in any like, comment, share, or follower exchange programs.

Don’t be afraid. We’ll show you which Instagram growth services and platforms you can use with a lot of success.

Best Instagram growth services

1. Kicksta

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If you use the wrong path to reach new followers, they will unfollow you quickly. When you buy followers or likes, Instagram can very quickly detect your suspicious activities and ban or delete your profile. So, you do not need to spend your money and risk getting spammed that way. With Kicksta, you will be safe, and your money will be invested in one of the best Instagram growth services.

Unlike many similar companies that offer human account managers that strengthen your profile, Kicksta combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to help your business grow on Instagram.

They offer an impressive finding of adequate niches, targeting the audience by hashtags, gender, location, and more, and with that, the whole process is safe and secure. Kicksta’s Standard Plan is $49 per month, and the Premium Plan is $99 per month. Compared to what you get, the price is more than great.

2. Upleap

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If you want to organically grow your Instagram audience quickly, you will definitely enjoy using Upleap. Upleap makes growing your audience on Instagram easier than ever by connecting you with a dedicated account manager. Your account manager works with users in your niche to help you get more likes, followers, and impressions. This tool can grow Instagram accounts up to 300% faster.

When you sign up, all you need to do is select at least four hashtags and select three similar accounts to target users in your niche.  Once you complete these steps, your account manager will take over and take care of everything else. If you want to try Upleap, you can do it for free. This Instagram growth service offers a three-day free trial for all new users.

When you complete the free trial, you can choose one of these pricing plans:

  1. Lite (great for personal accounts) – $59.00
  2. Standard (faster growth for upcoming businesses) – $79.00
  3. Premium (unlock true Instagram potential) – $199.00

Unlike the Lite service pack, the Standard service pack, which is only $20 more expensive, offers you the ability to achieve faster organic growth and manage Instagram Stories, so this option is rightly the most popular when it comes to packages that can be purchased on Upleap.

3. Ampfluence

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Another great 100% human-powered service focused on growing your Instagram account that doesn’t use bots is Ampfluence. By properly targeting the audience, you increase your presence on Instagram. Therefore, the first step for them is to consult about the audience and the goals they want to achieve with your Instagram profile, after which they create a customized strategy.

The next step that Ampfluence offers is, based on consultations and research, to get as close as possible to your potential market, after which the process of interaction with the target audience begins. It is important to emphasize that it is an organic growth of your account over time. Measurement is an advantage offered by Ampfluence, as their team measures the performance of each client to ensure we are on track to achieve our goals. This helps to identify what can be done better.

This provider has a lot of packages on offer. These are – Growth at $249/month, GrowthX2 at $349/month, and Growth and Content Management at $999/month. Most clients choose the GrowthX2 package and start with 500+ Organic Followers.

4. Combin

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As well as the previously presented growth services, Combin also promises audience attraction and a great Instagram management experience. The main difference is that Combin is a desktop tool that stores information about your Instagram account. Combin remembers all searches, likes, and posts and offers you the ability to choose how to engage with those profiles.

Combin has a huge template database that can be used for various posts and accounts. It also offers you a tracked activity feature where you can monitor outcoming and incoming activity and audience growth. You can pinpoint specific locations that you want to target or search for specific hashtags connected with the topics of the event.

Combin has three pricing options. First is the Starter pack, and it is a free way to try all major functionality of this Instagram growth service. The Personal pack is for those that have one Instagram account, and it costs $15 per month. The third one is the Business pack, and it costs $30 per month. The main difference between Personal and Business pack is that you can use the Business pack for multiple Instagram accounts.

Other great strategies that can help strengthen your Instagram profile

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For those who feel that Instagram growth services are not a good enough solution or that they cost too much, here are 6 strategies that can increase Instagram followers and likes:

  1. Hashtags are a powerful weapon on platforms like Instagram – use them whenever you can
  2. Posting useful content is the best way to gather real Instagram followers
  3. One of the best things that can happen on Instagram is when a user tags their friend in your comment – organize regular giveaways
  4. Make a story – use Instagram Stories
  5. Using geotags allows you to interact with user posts that are in the same physical vicinity,
  6. To make sure you are doing everything right, constantly analyze your data and then optimize it accordingly.


In the end, the main strategy for growing your Instagram profile is that you never buy likes, comments, or fake followers. Not only can Instagram easily “catch” you, but your posts will not be displayed on popular hashtags for a long time according to the new Instagram algorithm because your “growth” is not real.

Whenever you see someone having 50k followers and 40 likes on average, know that most of those followers are fake. The same situation is with likes and comments. Even if you try to cheat Instagram and buy fake likes, followers, and comments, do everything to make it look natural. In the long run, it becomes more expensive and time-consuming.

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