5 Proven Ways Good Design Can Improve Your Small Business Content Marketing Strategy

Excellent design maximizes the chances of your content fulfilling its purpose of reaching out to the audience. Users appreciate visual stuff. When graphic elements are masterfully incorporated into the content, then you can rest assured that your visitors won’t have a hard time understanding what you’re trying to say. Plus, you won’t have to waste hours on end trying to explain a difficult topic.

Honestly, it is hardly possible to imagine that developing a content strategy. One will just try to skip the graphic design aspect, let’s say, trying to minimize the cost of the campaign. That would be a crucial mistake for your small business and would hinder their chances of trying to get to the next level. Your audience will not warm up to the information that has no joy and isn’t easy on the eyes. Thus, if you are still in doubt, let’s look at how exactly your content marketing strategy can benefit from design.

Increases engagement

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Audiences are known to interact with information better if it contains graphic elements. It is much easier to process, and it sticks longer. That can be proven by the Visual Teaching Alliance stating that the human brain is capable of processing visuals 60 thousand times faster than textual content. Of course, this results in faster reactions to the material consumed and further purchasing or ordering actions (as long as CTA buttons are loud and clear in your message).

This comes from our past, childhood to be exact. We were learning through pictures and graphics; we perceived the world through the visual realm. First, we saw and then attached the picture to verbal representation. What about the books we loved as children? Well, those also had a lot of pictures in them. That’s why now, being guided by behavioral patterns enhanced by cognitive specifics, people tend to favor visual information above plainly written letters.

Helps to tell the brand’s story

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It is needless to say that to have the audience get acquainted with a brand; one must create a memorable and brilliant introduction. A content marketing campaign will not likely perform brilliantly if it is not supported by outstanding graphic design decor. To make a statement in the business realm, the brand must tell a story that highlights its identity via the means of colors, shapes, filters, transparency, layers, etc.

Graphic design apps will have your design campaign covered with great care of your budget. You can do virtually everything design-wise since you are provided with so many tools and features to implement. Either you need a newsletter template to let leads know more about what they got involved with or a free template design for a poster that will advertise your special opening. Animation makers, infographics makers, and logo makers will be your indispensable tools for telling a story and enticing people to entice more people into cooperation.

Drives conversions

This is more of an outcome of the previously mentioned ways. If more people engaged with your content and processed its value faster due to its graphical representation, then it is natural that the desired actions will start to happen. Adorning content with design lets people learn about your product or service faster and catch the most important details. As a result, their perception will not get dispelled, and the reaction to proceeding with actions comes much faster.

By the means of relevant visuals that communicate your brand identity and its value, you’re adding a human touch to your contnet that’s bound to entice the visitors to move further with your desired actions.

Enhances the message

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What you have to say will have a much stronger effect when accompanied by visuals. Every piece of information has its purpose. Your content is directed towards making people buy/order/sign up/ attend/etc. It is not possible to make them do so without giving them an idea of what to expect from you. For instance, there is content promoting invitations to a yoga retreat.

Those interested in it will love to see pictures of the place, happy faces of those who have already experienced it, and funny memes getting mad at you if you refuse to sign up. This is just a primitive example; however, it communicates the idea: design enhances the credibility of your message.

Beats the competition

Indeed it does. Like it or not, but there are already those who supply the world with the same services or products as you. The design ( well-thought and unique) helps your brand to stand out among the rest. Making brave design decisions, ditching the fear of being too provocative, or too funny, or too smart… or whatever other “tools” scare you, enhance the position of your content marketing campaign.

Yes, certain styles are in trend for a certain time frame, however, being wholly yourself and injecting soul into your brand, you will achieve uniqueness, leaving the competition behind.


Design defines how well your content is going to get perceived. Therefore when thinking through your marketing campaign, make sure to pay special attention to visual matters so that you have a fair chance of exponentially upping your success rate.

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