Top Logo Makers and Logo Generators to Try in 2021 That Will Make Your Brand Memorable

When you think of Twitter, you think of a bird. When you think of Adidas, you think of three stripes. When you think of iPhone, well, you think of an apple. All of these brands became synonyms with their logos. Instantly recognizable, logos become as important for a company as good marketing.

The logo is the face of the business – it is the first visible thing about it. It needs to be simple, memorable, and professional. In the past, companies would turn to design agencies or freelance designers to create a logo. Today that is a more expensive choice, especially with all the available logo makers and generators.

What is a logo maker

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Working with design agencies or freelancers is usually out of the price range for startup companies. However, even with a small budget, or no budget, it’s possible to create a professional logo. There are plenty of low-cost or even free logo makers on the market. And companies can use them to create custom logos easily and quickly.

A logo maker or a logo generator is a web application or software. It has stock photos, design templates, fonts, color palettes, and much more. It provides all the tools needed to create a memorable logo in a short amount of time. Since there are various logo makers to choose from, it’s important to know what to look for.

Some logo generators require the name of your business. Then you select an icon or a font from the stock library and pick custom colors that match your brand. Others have a free form, giving you a blank canvas and a set of icons and tools to build your own logo.

What to look for in a logo maker

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Every company has different priorities when it comes to designing its logo. A formal company will care more about professional appearance, while a fashion brand will focus on being unique. Depending on your designing needs, you can assess different types of logo makers.

The most important thing in choosing a logo maker is user-friendliness. Considering your design skills, and making sure to pick a logo maker that is easy to use. The second thing to think about is how much customization the maker provides. You can’t create a unique and memorable logo with generic templates. That’s why a logo maker should offer enough customization options.

It is also very important to choose professional logo makers. A company won’t attract customers with a low-quality logo. Make sure to use a logo maker with high-quality designs. Finally, the key criterion is the price. While it is less expensive than hiring a professional designer, it’s important that it fits your budget.

Top 13 logo makers and logo generators to try in 2021

Here is a list of the best logo makers and generators to help you decide which tool is the ideal fit for your company. Once you choose the best logo maker, you can create a logo that fits your budget, improves your company, and attracts customers.

1. Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker homepage

This tool is ideal if you are looking for a professional logo design. You start by putting in the name of your company and line of work. After that, the logo maker automatically generates a range of different logos to choose from. You can customize the text, color palette, and icon. There is also a possibility to match with a professional logo maker if you have a specific idea.

Wix adapts to your preferences based on which logos you choose as the best. It tries to understand your taste and use that when you are creating your design. This tool is a great solution if you have a distinct taste but lack designing skills.

Price: You can design a logo for free and download it for non-commercial use. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use it for your business until you pay for the high-resolution files. The Basic Logo option is $12.99. It includes high-resolution logo files and full commercial usage rights. The Professional Logo option costs $49.99. It includes high-resolution logo files, full commercial usage rights, vector files, a social media kit, a brand guide, and print-ready files.

2. Logaster

Logaster homepage

This logo generator is also input-based, which means that it suggests logos after putting in the company name and industry type. Each suggestion can be customized with several color and layout options. It offers a variety of logos with different icons, colors, and fonts.

Logaster offers fast and convenient solutions, which makes it ideal for those with a busy schedule. But, if you have more time on your hands, consider choosing a more advanced logo maker to avoid generic fonts and icons.

Price: $19.99 for a basic raster file, $49.99 for a full range of files and layout variations, and $64.99 for a more robust branding kit.

3. Ucraft

Ucraft homepage

This tool’s concept is based around an open canvas, where you can drag and drop icons, text, and shapes. It helps users achieve quality results by providing as many options as possible. If you get lost in all of them, a friendly chatbot will assist you. Ucraft offers more than 1 million icons and a full-color spectrum tool.

It even integrates with Google Fonts to give you a wide selection of font families. All of these options can be overwhelming. But if you have the time and an eye for design, you can come up with something great. The quality of the logo depends on your own skill.

Price: You can download the logo you created in PNG format for free or go for a more advanced option and purchase it as an SVG file for $7.

4. Logo Maker

Logo Maker homepage

Logo Maker is popular for its quick solutions. It offers a vast selection of artwork created by professional designers. You can choose between more than 10,000 icons and images to build on. Once you choose the template, the customization is limited.

You can change the text, font, and colors, but the main design remains the same. If your priority is to create a design quickly and painlessly, this logo maker is perfect for you. However, if you are aiming at a highly stylized, unique logo, consider choosing a tool with more customizing options.

Price: After creating a free design, you’ll have to pay $39.95 to download it.

5. Laughingbird

Laughinbird homepage

This tool requires minimal investment in creating a design. It offers over 170 built-in logo templates and over 200 elements to drop into logos. There is also a wide range of special effects and text options to apply.

If you want further customization, there is an option to upload your own graphics. The style of Laughingbird’s logos suits informal companies because it tends to be less conventional. If you want to have fun while creating a bold logo, this tool is perfect for you.

Price:  One-time fee of $37 for unlimited logo edits.

6. Sothink

Sothink homepage

Sothink offers plenty of customizing options. You can choose from more than 300 templates to build on or create a logo from scratch. It provides advanced coloring tools. You can choose a dominant color for your design, and it will list relevant palettes you can choose from.

It also offers vector drawing tools and many special effects you can apply to individual letters. All these features help you create a unique logo design to fit your company’s image.

Price: One-time fee of $59.99 to download the software.

7. Designhill

Designhill logo maker page

If you don’t have a lot of design skills, this logo generator is ideal for you. It creates a selection of custom logos based on your style, color, and icon preferences. There aren’t many options for customization, except for colors and sizes. This logo generator is quick and easy to use. If you don’t want to deal with individual design choices but simply choose the logo you like the most, Designhill is a perfect choice.

Price: $20 for a low-resolution logo or $65 for a high-resolution one.

8. Logoshi

Logoshi homepage

If you want to turn your own design into a unique logo, this tool might be what you’re looking for. Beyond classic inputs, like company name and industry, this tool can also generate a logo from your own sketch.

After the logo is created, you can adjust each element’s color, size, and position. The generated logos look professional and unique, especially if they are designed to match your custom sketch. Logoshi is affordable, requires no design experience, and offers high-quality, custom logos.

Price: It costs $5 for a basic logo package that includes only one print and $30 for a pro logo package that includes all of the features.

9. Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful homepage

This logo maker is designed for mobile devices, making it perfect for working on-the-go. Designing on a mobile device is very restrictive because of the small screen. It’s almost impossible to create complex and detailed logos like that of big companies.

However, this tool is very convenient for last-minute designs. With it, you can easily create graphics for social media, events, or academic projects. Hatchful offers a wide selection of templates based on your industry type and other custom factors.

Price: It’s free to use and offers a free logo package, but premium templates cost $9.99 each.

10. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings homepage

This logo maker is both convenient and advanced. With it, you can easily create a logo in a few minutes, but you can also spend a lot of time customizing it. This tool doesn’t offer templates. GraphicSprings automatically creates a logo based on the name and industry. After that, you can change the details of the design.

It offers more advanced effects, such as shadows, stroke, glow, and many more. This logo maker is not for those without design experience. If you are aiming for a more polished and professional design but don’t have a lot of creative ideas, this tool is ideal for you.

Price: It’s free to create logo designs with the logo maker tool. You only pay for the design you choose to use. The fees range from $19.99 for a basic package to $149 for a custom logo design service.

11. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator homepage

Finally, the most popular and widely known logo maker. A part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Adobe Illustrator, is the best graphic design software for several reasons. With its numerous features, you can control every aspect of your design. It offers precise shape-building tools, brushes, and advanced path controls. Using them, you can create any design you can imagine.

This tool also has useful grids. With a pixel grid, you can easily align objects, and with perspective grids, you can create realistic distance and depth. It is also possible to create color gradients on every part of the design. However, with so many advanced options, this tool is complicated for beginners. If you’re new to graphic design, choose a more basic tool.

Price: $20.99 per month

12. Logo Design


This is a popular online logo maker tool with a user-friendly interface. You start the design process by entering your company name and industry; by looking for a specific search term (chat icon, flight, car, and such); or using the drop-down Browse menu to look for designs based on particular industries. You can also get in touch with their designers to order a custom/original logo for your brand.

LogoDesign.Net’s logo maker uses AI to learn your taste as you look for designs, and matches you with better and more relevant logo templates. Each template offers a high-quality design created by professionals. To ensure uniqueness and individuality, the customization panel helps you modify the design at the granular level. You can change/replace icons, pick another font, play with the color palette, and use a whole range of other design tools such as shadow, opacity, stroke, and many others. The tool is easy to use and doesn’t require you to have any prior knowledge about or experience with graphic design.

Price: It’s pretty budget-friendly and has a price range similar to others in its league. The Basic package will cost you $39 and includes hi-res files plus print-ready vector files, too. The Standard package is $57 and comes with a business card design. The Pro package is $97 and includes hi-res original logo design files, business card design, t-shirt and letterhead designs, etc.

The custom design services range from $97 to $299.

13. Free Logo Creator

Free Logo Creator landing page

On the lookout for quick graphic design solutions? Your search ends here. Free Logo Creator is a powerhouse of creative branding solutions that include everything from logo designs, business cards, postcards, envelope designs, and so much more.

The tool has hundreds of unique design templates that you can customize into branding assets of your choice. Minimal work is required here from your end as the templates are predesigned. You need to just change the design details, such as colors, layout, fonts, and shapes. You can also create a 3D logo or add a tagline or slogan for maximum impact.

The customization will help you turn a simple template into a stunning brand identity.
All of the designs are ready for download in editable vector PDF files.

Price: After you have finalized your design, you can download it for $37.

14. FreeLogoDesign

FreeLogoDesign is a logo maker that is simple and easy to use. As its name suggests, it is possible to create free logos (200*200 px); however, if you need high-resolution files or have professional needs, they also offer different premium options and add-ons (business card maker, email signature maker, social media files, brand guide).

One of this logo maker’s greatest strengths is their templates. They have more than 2000 different logo templates you can choose from to create your logo, whatever the type of business you have.

Then, you will have to customize the logo template. You can change the icon, fonts, and colors, add a shape, and delete or duplicate elements. You only need to click on an element of your logo to modify it.


Hopefully, this list provides you with a better idea of what logo makers and generators can do. It should give you clear expectations of the quality, cost, and process of using these tools. This may be a good starting point to create your first logo, so don’t hesitate to try out your favorites from the list.

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