How to Start a Logistics Business

Starting a company that provides logistics and cargo packing services is a promising venture that is also simple to commence, even with just startup capital. Getting the proper help is one of the keys to managing good packaging and logistics (motorcycles, drones, vans, delivery trucks, etc.).

Reading this article is everything you need to do to get ready to launch your packaging and freight logistics business.

Functions of logistics companies

The management and supervision of the transportation of goods from one location to another is the subject of logistics.

As a result, logistics businesses carry out the following tasks:

  • A seller of finished commercial products to sales outlets (to the consumer);
  • A supplier of raw materials to manufacturers;
  • Processing and short-term storage of goods before they are sent to distribution networks/production.

According to the outsourcing plan, agreements are reached with logistics firms. And To get customers, these kinds of companies sometimes use corporate gift cards. They are a popular way for businesses to show appreciation to their employees, customers, and clients. These cards can be used to purchase merchandise or services at various companies, making them a versatile and convenient way to show appreciation.

What is a logistics company?

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This organization promotes different products and resources to the consumer on behalf of the producer. A logistics company’s primary responsibility is to offer services for the delivery, storage, and processing of cargo and merchandise. The company manages the flow of information and the exchange of goods and other resources between businesses.

The company’s primary goal is to create an effective logistics system that incorporates suppliers, manufacturers, and a variety of shops and transportation companies. The particulars of a specific product determine the characteristics of the logistics system.

Logistics businesses use a variety of tools to help manage their operations. These tools can include computer software, GPS systems, and other technology. They may also use traditional methods such as paper records and manual labor with scheduling tools.

Start your packaging and freight logistics services business from scratch and buy a franchise

There is no hard-and-fast guideline for selecting your business creation project. Your mission statement and overall business vision should serve as your guide. It is challenging to franchise a packaging and logistics services firm to buy, and if you do, it will be cost-prohibitive. To create a freight packaging and transportation services business, you must start from scratch.

In addition, starting a freight packaging and logistics services company from scratch is less demanding than beginning a similar firm, which typically necessitates extensive planning and demanding licensing requirements before starting a new business.

Business plan for a logistics company

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Creating a solid business plan will enable you to launch and maintain your company while reducing costs. Additionally, it will support obtaining a bank loan or investors. It should convincingly show your ability to manage your business skillfully and produce a respectable profit.

A business strategy often includes the following key components:

  • Making a summary of the project. The item includes a complete description of the company and its activities.
  • Analysis of the primary target audience and the competition.
  • The creation of procurement plans and the overall organization of activities comprise the production plan.
  • To begin activities, the financial plan must consider all anticipated costs.
  • Risk analysis: they need to be calculated, and ways of leveling should be considered.

An advertising campaign is part of a marketing plan required to market a company. Even if you believe you understand every aspect of the business, unexpected issues can always emerge. In these circumstances, a business strategy is required to determine the subsequent actions.

However, before the business plan development, it would be helpful to create surveys online freely to get an idea about the needs of your potential customers. Needs assessment is essential for successful business plan development.

List of legal documents needed to run a logistics business

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Due to a large number of necessary documents for cargo transportation, it is advisable to divide them into 4 blocks:

  • Documents for the cargo (from the side of the customer/shipper).
  • Documents for the car and driver for cargo transportation (from the side of the transport company).
  • Documents for registration of cargo transportation (contract and application).
  • Contract for cargo insurance (for cargo transportation, considering loading and unloading).

Before you can begin operating your logistics business, you’ll need to obtain the proper legal documentation. This includes a business license, tax ID number, and, in some cases, a Certificate of Authority. You’ll also need to secure insurance policies and, in some instances, a surety bond.


For storing and redistributing the things kept on them, warehouses must have racks and other equipment. Each employee needs a role (hydraulic trolley). They are essential for the movement of goods (not very heavy and not bulky). A stacker (or forklift) is required; this piece of machinery has a hefty load capacity (there are manual, self-propelled, and automatic). It is necessary to transfer heavy loads, such as pallets.

It will be helpful to have a console lift. Thanks to it, you may load and unload items from the upper racks. Meanwhile, a carousel vertical can help you maximize space and efficiency in your warehouse. This storage system can hold various items, making it a versatile solution for your business. Fast and secure goods movement between vehicles and the warehouse will be made possible by the transfer system.


You require an 8-person workforce to operate the business normally.

  • Logistician, 1 person. Work in the office, negotiate contracts with clients, keep records, communicate with suppliers, print custom boxes, and manage order timing. The worker needs to have relevant professional expertise.
  • 2 people for warehouse movers. Busy with incoming product loading and unloading as well as storage. Must have previous loading equipment experience. As the company grows, more employees will be needed, but two will be enough at the beginning. They may work a shift.
  • Forwarding drivers, 2 people. They have their cars as per the requirements of the business strategy. They can be guided in their work using GLONASS/GPS systems.
  • Security guard, 2 people. Intruders must be kept out of warehouses. It is recommended to install video surveillance systems.
  • Accountant, 1 person. They will handle all business with tax reporting for the LLC.We recommend hiring an accountant who passes the examination of important accounting certifications so you will have a perfect financial schedule.


A new business owner must remember that customers want to work with trustworthy businesses that insure cargo and have good reviews in the logistics industry. Costs associated with marketing are, therefore, essential. There are two crucial points.

First, the cost. Costs must be evaluated, and lower pricing must be offered. Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to reduce expenses so that they will take note of a new business. You can run extra campaigns, offer discounts when long-term agreements are reached, and make large purchases.

Advertising and promotion make up the second point. Use as many information sources as you can in your field of employment, including your website with online consultancy, radio, printed publications (with a business bias), and television (creeping line). Attending seminars and exhibitions is beneficial.

Eventually, you must create and constantly develop a high-quality, well-functioning website, preferably WordPress-based. And if you can’t do this alone, it will be better to hire a WordPress developer.

Last thoughts

You must establish close working relationships with businesses that frequently move goods and freight from one place to another if you want to run a profitable logistics operation. To stay in business, you need regular contracts from these companies and organizations.

Therefore, if you’re just beginning off, you might need help buying an airplane, delivery vehicle, or even drones to make your task more manageable. As a result, you should look for stockholders who can cooperate with you to deliver items on schedule worldwide, such as significant logistics companies and airlines.

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