Who Can Sell Bandwidth for Money and How Much Can They Ear

The recent COVID pandemic has made a lot of people conscious of their finances. An increasing number of folks are taking on second jobs and searching for ways to supplement their income through the gig economy. However, many of us don’t have the time to work extra hours. We have a demanding life and children to care for. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just sit back and let the money roll in?

There are many applications, websites, and programs acting as agents between bandwidth sellers and buyers. They track and retrieve unused bandwidth via the user’s IP address and rent it to clients. The customers pay for every GB of internet data they consume. They use the bandwidth to access specific services and websites. While it’s true that anyone can share their internet bandwidth, every platform has disclaimers on how much they can earn.

Who Can Share Their Internet Connection for Money?

Selling your bandwidth is an easy way to make money. You can bank thousands of dollars over the long run, but the amount you take home monthly depends on various factors. The internet-sharing program you have registered with, the number of connected devices you have, and the number of hours you keep them running all affect your earnings.

Most platforms pay from $0.10 to $0.20 per GB of data shared. Two unique IP addresses running for eight hours daily can earn you between $3 and $7 monthly, depending on the internet-sharing app. So, who can share their unused bandwidth and get paid for it? This article will help you understand if you’re a perfect candidate.

Anyone With Regular Access to the Internet

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Internet-sharing apps use your IP address to track your internet usage and retrieve unused bandwidth. Your mobile data plan and home Wi-Fi generate unique IP addresses, so the apps record each as a different identity. Office internet connections may not work, especially if your colleagues are trying to make some money using the same method as you.

That’s because every device running on your company’s network may run on a single global IP. The application records only one IP address, so all devices running on the office Wi-Fi share the same internet data volume.

Anyone With an App-Compatible Device

The programming specs of every application limit its compatibility with specific devices. The limitation is also common with applications that buy your internet bandwidth. Before downloading an app from an official website or app store, make sure you have a compatible device. Verify the Android and iOS versions the app supports and ensure your computer or phone falls within the listed categories.

In fact, when learning how to sell data and earn money, one lesson you must never miss is the importance of running apps on compatible devices. Although these applications aren’t heavyweight and take up minimal storage space, they won’t work on outdated Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS versions. And even if they do, they may stop and restart or crash and fail out of the blue, which affects your earnings.

Anyone Who Stays Online for Longer Hours

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You can earn a living selling your bandwidth if you are among the 5.03 billion internet users worldwide. More earnings are guaranteed if you fall among the group that spends at least six hours browsing the internet, whether on social media, watching YouTube videos, or using web browsers to search for content online. Internet-sharing platforms pay per volume of data you share, and spending more time online equals more data transmitted.

Most websites and apps that pay you for sharing the internet have target geographies. Basically, bandwidth sharers within the locations where the clients target will record more data and earnings.


The perfect time to start generating income from selling your bandwidth is now. The earlier you install an internet-sharing app and have it running on your computer or mobile phone, the more earnings you’ll record. Discover the best money-for-internet platform, ensuring you check the pay-per-GB of internet data and the payouts. As always, reviews are extremely important. And don’t just read the reviews on the internet-sharing platform; make sure to refer to unbiased sites such as TrustPilot. Applications with unattainable payouts and lots of negative testimonials won’t be a good bet.

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