How to Convert Millions to Billions and Billions to Crore?

The International System of Units, also known as SI units, is a system of measurement that establishes a standard for measuring the physical properties of matter. Number measurements are used in a variety of settings, ranging from school to industry. Units are important in our everyday lives, whether it’s for food shopping or cooking.

Million to crore to billion calculators use multiplicative conversion factors, making it possible to convert various units of measurement, such as millions to billions, and so on. When converting numbers, you’ll need a million to billion converter that’s both sophisticated and simple to use.

It’s simple to convert a million to a billion because you just need to choose the units and the amount you want to convert. If you’re having some issues doing this on your own, this method or tool will provide you with the exact unit conversion. When using this specific converter, you will also get the formula for converting millions to billions, as well as a table that shows the whole process.

A Million Explained:

A million is described as a number equal to the product of 1000 times 1000. The number 106 may also be used to represent it. It is a big number that follows one hundred thousand in the number sequence beginning with one.

A Billion Explained:

A billion, on the other hand, is an amount that is ten times the size of a million. It’s 1000 x 1,000,000. It’s even possible to compose it as 10⁹. In the number chain, it comes after One Hundred Million.

Among the conversions available on these calculators are millions to billions, crores to millions, crores to billions, lakhs to millions, millions to lakhs, trillions to crores, and so on. It’s faster than anything if you need to convert millions to billions. This method will be beneficial to both students and professionals in the finance industry.

Depending on your conversion needs, you can use it as a billion to million converter, an amount to million converter, or a million to billion converter.

How These Converters Work?

Calculator School website
Converter name: Calculator School
Mera Calculator example
Calculator name: Mera Calculator

This is how you can make use of the converters:

  • In the provided input box, type in the specified number.
  • From the first dropdown menu, choose a notation.
  • To convert your number, choose a notation from the second list.
  • To get the conversion, press the calculate button.
  • To enter new values, press the reset button.

You can use a fraction to decimal conversion to get a decimal value if you want to translate a fraction to a million or a billion. Then you can convert using the decimal value.

Delineation of Millions & Billions:

Million Billion
Numerical From 1,000,000 1,000,000,000
Power Denomination of 10 106 10⁹
Multiples of 1000 1000*1000 1000*1000*1000

Converting Millions to Billions

In the Western numeral system, the expressions million, billion, and trillion are used. 1000 million is the same as one billion. To convert a number from a million to a billion, multiply it by 1000. Alternatively, simply multiply it by 0.001.

1 Billion = 1000 Million

Hence to convert millions to billions,

Million to billion = Value in million × 0.001

How many billion in 200 million?

200 × 0.001 = 0.2 Billion

An example: Convert 8 million to a billion
8 million equals 8 x 0.001 billion i.e. 0.008 billion.

Below you can find an example of a conversion on the previously mentioned converter:

Calculator School calculation

Conversion table:

Million to Billion
Million Billion
1 Million 0.001 Billion
1.2 Million 0.0012 Billion
1.5 Million 0.0015 Billion
2 Million 0.002 Billion
3 Million 0.003 Billion
4 Million 0.004 Billion
5 Million 0.005 Billion
6 Million 0.006 Billion
7 Million 0.007 Billion
8 Million 0.008 Billion
9 Million 0.009 Billion
10 Million 0.01 Billion
100 Million 0.1 Billion
500 Million 0.5 Billion
1000 Million 1 Billion

Convert from Billion to Crore

Conversion Formula:
1 Billion = Crore x 100

One billion rupees equals 100 crore rupees. Using the calculator, you can conveniently convert billions to crore. One billion rupees equals 100 crore rupees. A billion can be converted to crore by multiplying it by one hundred. Due to demographic factors, a billion-dollar figure may be translated to crores.

Billion to Crore = Value in Billion × 100

How many crores in 0.3 billion?
0.3 × 100 = 30 crore

Billion to Crore
Billion Crore
1 Billion 100 Crores
1.2 Billion 120 Crores
1.3 Billion 130 Crores
1.324 Billion 132.4 Crores
1.339 Billion 133.9 Crores
1.5 Billion 150 Crores
1.8 Billion 180 Crores
1.9 Billion 190 Crores
2 Billion 200 Crores
3 Billion 300 Crores
5 Billion 500 Crores
7.6 Billion 760 Crores
7.7 Billion 770 Crores
30 Billion 3000 Crores
50 Billion 5000 Crores
100 Billion 10000 Crores

Conversion from Billions to Millions

0.01 billion equals 1 million. To convert a number in billions to millions, multiply it by 1000.

1 million = 0.001 billion

So, to convert billion to million,

Billion to million = Number in billion × 1000


Convert to million: 0.9 billion
0.9 × 1000 = 900 million

Below is an example of a conversion on the Calculator School converter.

Bil to mil conversion

Conversion table:

Billion to Million
Billion Million
1 Billion 1000 Million
1.2 Billion 1200 Million
1.3 Billion 1300 Million
1.5 Billion 1500 Million
2 Billion 2000 Million
2.4 Billion 2400 Million
3 Billion 3000 Million
4 Billion 4000 Million
5 Billion 5000 Million
6 Billion 6000 Million
7 Billion 7000 Million
7.7 Billion 7700 Million
8 Billion 8000 Million
9 Billion 9000 Million
10 Billion 10000 Million
0.001 Billion 1 Million
0.002 Billion 2 Million
0.003 Billion 3 Million
0.005 Billion 5 Million
0.01 Billion 10 Million
0.1 Billion 100 Million


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