6 Best Review Sites for More Customers and Reviews

Business reviews provide valuable customer data that can be used to grab more of the market share. The reviews also help to shape the company’s reputation. These are the two main benefits of customer reviews. There are thousands of websites that collect customer data directly and indirectly.

Customer reviews are pretty important because they provide you direct access to customers and influence them with your views. A lot of businesses are still reluctant when it comes to business reviews. However, if responded to correctly, reviews have the capacity to turn flaws into plus points.

Below you can find some of the top business reviews sites that you can choose to follow for a particular business.

Google My Business

Google My Business website

As always, Google is one of the top business review sites that can be explored to grab more customers. It has about 158 million US-based users per month and is ranked number one by Alexa, and Alexa is a reliable source. The best part about this service is that it offers most of its services free of cost.

Business details can be added along with snaps to create a public profile. The biggest benefit of Google My Business reviews is that when the chatter about your business increases, Google notices it, and your business start showing up at the top of Google result pages.

All this, coupled with the immense traffic on Google, makes listing your business profile on GMB very beneficial. If you are a small business owner and want your company to progress faster, then creating an impactful business profile with Google is a good start.


Facebook website

Facebook is ranked number 4 on Alexa and has about 85 million visitors every month. Any business can create a profile on this social-media-turned-business website and gather valuable customer data. It is an effective method to get in touch with customers because unlike other websites it is a social media website.

Even if people don’t come here to buy something they’ll come to spend some quality time with their friends. Now that makes it an extremely good website for a business profile. The good news is that it is free of cost unless you buy a premium package for quick results.

CityLocal Pro

CityLocalPro homepage

CityLocal Pro is an online business directory dedicated to locating the most genuine local business listings, as well as customer reviews, in order to assist customers in hiring only the best companies. The best thing about this business directory is that it specializes in providing a number of opportunities to both local business owners and customers by connecting them with one another.

CityLocal Pro educates customers and supports them in locating trustworthy businesses via a specialized customer review system. Based on traffic volume and an authentic review system, this business directory has been ranked high on Alexa.


Amazon website

Amazon hosts about 85 million visitors per month. It is an e-commerce-based website that provides business owners a unique opportunity to market and sells their products. You can create an online shop in a few simple steps and start selling your products.

One of the striking features of Amazon is a large number of customer reviews on the site and when you sell something, a request is sent to the customer to write a review once the package has been delivered. Amazon has almost trained its customers and these reviews are meant to guide other buyers to make smart choices.

They can also help business owners to see where they’re doing poorly, aka customer reviews also demand an improvement in services if their company lacks somewhere. Amazon reviews also provide an opportunity for customer engagement. In short, they are an excellent way to engage customers through reviews.


BestCheckin homepage

Bestcheck.in is the Best Product comparison website in India where you can easily choose a perfect product. Here you can enjoy a friendly shopping experience with a lot of other benefits. Every product available here is tested by a professional team. Electronics, Home and living, office Equipment, Cleaning Supplies, and Personal care products are available at very economical prices.

The most interesting part is its blog section, where you can get all the necessary information about each and every product. All you need to do is visit the website, and you will get all the answers to your questions.


Tripadvisor homepage

Tripadvisor offers its unique services to local and international users. It is ranked number 118 and about 28 million people visit every month from the US. Its services are quite different from regular business websites where reviews are published. People rate different places on it after experiencing services to help others make more informed decisions.

It is currently operational in 25 countries and aims to expand further. This means it is another powerful place to maintain your presence and increase your market share.

Final Thoughts

Receiving a business review isn’t a big achievement, but responding to it in a positive way sure is. Big companies usually hire professionals to respond to reviews for them. The reason for that is that companies place great value on responding to reviews as they believe the stakes are high. If you are not experienced in the matter, then it is better to rely on professionals.