Best Event Management Plugins in 2022

When it comes to professional promotion and event planning, sometimes the default WordPress calendar isn’t enough. If you are planning an event, need to sell tickets, hold meetings and display detailed information, you need a good WordPress event plugin. WordPress event plugins have more advanced features and are a great help when launching an events business.

If you want better event management, there are many event plugins you can choose from. But how do you know the good from the bad? Thankfully we have prepared a list of the best WordPress event plugins for 2022.


Eventin homepage

Eventin is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that lets you manage events and sell tickets. It enables you to handle event planning with ease, whether it’s an in-person or virtual event.
With Eventin, you can create, manage and promote an unlimited number of events with no extra ticket cost. It integrates with tools like Zoom, Stripe, WooCommerce, Zappier, Pabbly, and Twilio so you can track attendance and automate campaigns.

This plugin tracks everything from analytics to payments. It is perfect for event organizers, freelancers, marketers, and educators. You can also launch event websites with drag-and-drop builders, such as Gutenberg and Elementor. Need to host virtual events? Launch webinars and Zoom meetings directly from your WordPress dashboard. You can use widgets and shortcodes to add Zoom meetings to your event page and send out invites via e-mail.

Eventin lets you create registration forms and give out unique ticket IDs with scannable QR codes to confirm attendance. You can also navigate guests to event locations with Google Maps.
WooCommerce integration allows you to accept payments, take deposits and offer special coupons.

Most importantly, you gain access to highly detailed analytics. This helps you track ticket stock and sales data for every event. Eventin is a plugin that offers many integrations and features that will make event planning a piece of cake.

WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager banner

This is the right plugin for you if you want a quick, intuitive, and simple way to create and manage all kinds of events. It works with almost every WordPress theme, so there is no need for additional solutions and purchases. With this plugin, you can customize how your event listings look. You can organize, add and remove all event listings from the dashboard, and event organizers can access all event management features.

Locations can also be assigned and grouped. You can also search and filter events with shortcodes. WP Event Manager lets you create custom event fields, so you can personalize events to your liking. The events pages also have previews, so you can see what the customers will.

You can attach e-mail addresses and website URLs to all event listings so users can find your event easier. Users can also filter events based on location. WP Event Manager offers cross-browser support for Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari.


EventPrime homepage

EventPrime is a simple, beginner-friendly WordPress events plugin. It supports free and paid events, single-day events, multi-day events, performers, event sites, galleries, registration, calendar, and so much more. Plus, you can also create and assign event types, performers, and event sites to all events.

You can create events right from the events calendar. The event calendar on the front end appears how it is configured from the back end. You can drag and drop them from one date to another and edit event details. If you go to the Event Dashboard, you can find an event manager toolkit. Here you have all settings associated with an event.

You can set event types, add event descriptions and performers and upload images. With the attendee manager, you can view and edit a complete list of attendees for all your events, containing their ID, username, and other information.

Event Organiser

Event Organiser banner

Event Organiser event management integrates with any WordPress site. This plugin lets you create events that function like posts and has 1st class features that help you with event management.
The management can be done through an intuitive user interface that looks like a WordPress list or calendar. You can create one-time or repeat events and add or remove specific event dates.

This plugin lets you create and manage event venues with a content editor and Google Maps support. You can assign different event tags and categories and color-code them. You can control who can manage events and venues and allow visitors to subscribe to events, venues, or categories.


MembershipWorks banner

MembershipWorks is an all-in-one membership, events, directory, and donation platform. It has an easy WordPress setup that works with most themes and has many integrations. This plugin uses shortcodes to place events calendars, membership forms, and more. It lets you display events in a calendar or list and edit event categories.

You can create unlimited free or paid event tickets and customize event registration. This plugin lets you edit or cancel registrations and issue refunds, restrict tickets, limit ticket quantity, event capacity, and more

Final Words

Event planning can be hard, but with the help of these WordPress event plugins, you can save time and focus your creativity elsewhere. All of them are exceptional, but Eventin truly stands out. It is a must-have plugin that will change your life and strengthen your business.

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